Fly for Fun

Alternative names: Flyff

Are you tired of the monotony of everyday life? Want to fly? Socialize with friendly people, without fear of running into profanity? Then you - here. Fly for Fun Online Game, Anime its mesmerizing caramel, colorful and graphic quality, publicly available flights and all sorts of entertainment along with various tests.

This is a free MMORPG to play where you want to download the client, but before - go step Registration Fly for Fun. To implement it, head to the official site and go to the appropriate page. Join in the game Fly for Fun require you to fill in the following form: name, password, secret answer that you choose for yourself, enter the code from the image and acceptance of the User Agreement, along with a commitment to meet the Regulations. Finish. You can start downloading the client Fly for Fun registration also provides the opportunity to learn directly from the existing varieties of characters, so you can decide who will continue to conquer the local peaks. In general, flyff registration does not require large expenditures of time and effort.

Game Fly for Fun Online though is fabulous in its essence, but not the lightest among MMORPGs. Path of the great warrior begins at everyone equally. In the beginning, creating a character, you can not select him for any profession or class. Just play the game Fly for Fun online because this is no less interesting. However, to level 15 will have to run untrained stroller, and only he can achieve will choose a profession. A stepped over the 60th, you got the specialty. However, do not be alarmed: Leveling does not take too much time, and the "wings" can be obtained at the very beginning of the game to play flyff In such a system of classes and professions - it is only a plus. You get a sufficient amount of time to explore the gameplay that gives determine the most comfortable style of fighting. That is, without any haste you confidently decide whom to play the game online Fly for Fun - whether physician, whether the tank.

In addition, the online game flyff quite democratic in terms of transition from class to class. For example, a mage, you can easily "retrain" to Assist or acrobat, which are a way, unique in its purest form ... because men and magicians (charmers) - they are everywhere and they are standard. And Fly for Fun online ... acrobat specializes exclusively in the jurisdiction ranged. What it is interesting because it is his weapon - his enemies, he will neutralize or using bows (need to develop dexterity in this case), or ... Yo-Yo (and here the force does not hurt)! And if you decide to play in Fly for Fun Assist, then you - pure water wagon. With a magic wand in hand, you can all enhance or treat, and gloved - sensitive bash. It being in this manner, you will be able to start before all the simultaneous beating several monsters. What is worth a lot, believe me.

And now a little about the most important features of flyff online - on flights. The main thing here, unlike other "lethal" games is the diversity of vehicles. For every taste - broom stupa board. In store this good a lot. All that is necessary - to understand the technique of application and go sailing. In Fly for Fun play is not particularly difficult, but incredibly nice: and the eye is pleased, and the mind is not strained.

By the way, about the story. Flyff game tells the story of her world Rondo was created five gods. Initially manage his creation perfect pleasure them, then they get bored and decided to retire, leaving a keeper Rice. Which, feeling lonely, has built a girlfriends, embodying the qualities of her own. All the anger and hatred got Shadows, which immediately broke away from Rondo of the continent, leaving her to soar high above the ground. Later Madrigal resulting island split into three parts. Shadow managed to expel from the islands, but online game Fly for Fun «please» remnants of war against evil - the monsters, and which will have to fight for most of your playing time. In a good way!


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