Forge of Empires

Alternative names: Forge of Empires

Online game Forge of Empires, begins as an exciting strategy that takes place in the Stone Age. The player will develop your city, build unique home and do research, gradually moving from one era of humanity in another.

System requirements requested in order to play in the Forge of Empires as follows:

  • Processor-2,33 GHz
  • RAM-1 GB
  • Disk Space 100 mb
  • System - Windows XP, Mac OS X 10. 6

Forge of Empires registration begins immediately, with the entrance on the game's official website. In the"Register"fill in personal data:

  1. Game Name
  2. Password
  3. E-mail
  4. Select World Arvahall / Brisgard
  5. Compliance with the rules

Forge of Empires play online, you need to developing science and discovering new technologies, going into the new era and opening up even more new things

  • Bronze Age - pile dwelling gorcharnya, spears, wheel construction, chalets, sling, farming tools, cultivation, riding, building with a thatched roof, stone processing, woodworking, phalanx, blacksmithing, teaching, craft trails, siege weapons, brewing, fertilizing with manure.
  • Iron Age - a house with a tiled roof, architecture, squad, livestock, procession, processing of raw materials, melting iron, artisan craftsmanship, agriculture, cottage, shooting archery, sewerage system, the slaughter of animals, military tactics, fortification, mathematics, baths, plow, command chain.
  • Early Middle Ages - timbered, tanning, multi-storey building, casting, horse archer, economics, beekeeping, quarries, hotel, police, mercenaries, leather processing, house shingle roof, heavy cavalry, armored infantry, aqueduct, penalty, crop rotation, physics, application of fertilizers, the monarchy.
  • High Middle Ages - counter-strategy, quality products, alchemy, crossbow, guilds, canning, home of sandstone, monotheism, trade routes, chemistry Indices, chivalry, deforestation, granary, heavy armor, water wheels, medicine, urban mansions, heavy siege guns and hospitals.

In Forge of Empires play also means to cooperate with other players by offering them certain things in exchange for what you need, or taking their suggestions. Subject only to the exchange of resources such as:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Paint
  • Wine
  • Limestone
  • Ebony
  • Iron

In developing the city, the game Forge of Empires, enables development in construction

  • Roads
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Public buildings
  • Decor
  • Military Construction

Game Forge of Empires, players are waiting for exciting battle against the computer and against other players. Forge of Empires online game with excellent graphics and animation. During the battle will not be bored!

Forge of Empires download no difficulty, and play at your leisure, anytime. But! In online mode, you are waiting for friends that are not on the downloaded version...


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