Forgotten Myths

Alternative names: Forgotten Myths

Game Forgotten Myths is a multiplayer online game associated with collecting cards, which is designed in the style of fiction.

Game Forgotten Myths registration is simple enough, but it is in English. To register you must perform the following steps:

1) Find the site of the game Forgotten Myths search using the search engine known to you.

2) On the main page you should click on the link « Sign in or Register » .

3) Then fill in the fields, which are located under the word Register.

4) In the first line, enter the Username (your name).

5) Then select Email (your email address).

6) Repeat writing e-mail address (Re-enter Email).

7) Enter your Password (password).

8) Enter your password again (Re-enter Password) in the next line.

9) Click this button after the «Register».

Play the game online Forgotten Myths can only registered users. Special requirements for the computer system parameters for the game developers Forgotten Myths not raised, but, nevertheless, your computer must have at least average power, and connected to high speed Internet. It is necessary for you to play without interference.

In Forgotten Myths You'll play, having three phases:

1) Phase 1 - Draw & Play.

2) Phase 2 - Spells and Abilities.

3) Phase 3 - Fighting.

1) Phase 1 - You take one card from his deck. (Number of cards may be increased depending on other abilities). You can play one energy card, using it to play other cards. Depending on the availability of energy, you can attack the game and strengthen cards on the battlefield.

2) Phase 2 - at this stage, players can use spells and spell cards and the ability to use their cards in the game. In order to start playing with spells and charms, the player must have enough energy.

3) Phase 3 - a phase of the attack. At this stage, you sit back and watch as your strategy unfolds as your cards on the battlefield and attack using passive abilities.

Game Forgotten Myths online has basic attributes:

1) Attack - every creature in the game and have their punishment attack (or attack points - AP), and the ability to step on stage 3.

2) Health - every attack and fortification has health card (or health points - HP). Cards that get damaged, dynamically lose health points. If the health card drops to zero, the card is dying.

3) Combat damage - they are physical injuries, which are considered an attack on the points card, which is in the attacking zone.

4) Spell damage - is the direct damage done by your card or card abilities, which is regarded as spell damage. In principle, all types of injuries that are not treated as combat and spell damage.

Game Forgotten Myths free You give a lot of amazing experiences!


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