Alternative names: Fragoria

Fragorii Online - browser-based multiplayer online game, free of charge, from the pen of Rusoftvar and genre related to the RPG-games. In the implementation of game developers are drawn away from the standard fantasy theme, and, as it turned out, for good reason. Online game Fragorii perfect for all those who are already tired of the eternal war elves and orcs, dwarves and undead.

Join in the game Fragorii does not take long and the process it is clear to everyone. All you need to do - to enter the account name, e-mail address and password security to access your account. The game is part of the game holding mail. ru, which means that having an account from other games of this holding, you can play the game online Fragorii without registering again. Anyway, after your e-mail address e-mail confirming that the registration Fragorii complete, you can safely start the game.

It should be noted that Fragorii online game that you can play not only from the browser in the early development of the project, in addition to the browser version was planned and the release of its own client. In this game you are given a dip in the history of our ancestors - the Slavs, feel their identity, to enjoy the wooden buildings with srubs as these become one of the heroes that are a great alternative to all the heroes of bored-knights.

The universe gives us Fragorii game online, just dotted with a variety of puzzles and mysteries, preserves ancient tribes strangely caught up in the game world thousands of years ago. Very seriously bother the developers of the system of dungeons, monsters that are substantially higher than their counterparts in strength at the surface of the earth. But this is compensated by a large amount of experience and strength of artifacts that can be obtained as a reward for their extermination. Sootvetstvennoi more money you can earn by stripping a couple of instances. All these mysterious oracles and mysterious things in the dungeons - are the remnants of an ancient culture mysterious creatures possess divine power and fill the world with an arsenal of various Fragorii mysteries and secrets that will reveal it to you. Play the game online Fragorii appeal to all who love interesting and intriguing stories, because the storyline in the game worthy to be called almost perfect.

Time passed, winter springs were replaced and unexplored world Fragorii pioneers began to settle. Erected huge cities grew and became strong and whole civilizations life seemingly adjusted. But at one point, crushing all living and nonliving explosion occurred in the vast game world, and the echo of it was heard in every corner of the Magic Kingdom. This gave birth to a colossal explosion unquenchable fire that burned day and night, and extinguished as suddenly as they appeared. Pretty soon it became clear that a failure resulting from the fire itself led to the unknown place that everyone thought a death trap, because everyone comes to him, he was lost forever.

After some time in the kingdom Fragorii started a real epidemic, mutated animals, and in the mountains directly from the stone began vyrostayut crystals, finding that miners attributed them to the alchemists. After some time, scientists have learned to make from this mysterious breed teleportatory.

Class system in the game is designed so that specialization, as such, does not exist in the game. There are only two general classes - warrior and mage, determine your behavior in combat. But everything else - this is your ability to build a competent tactics of combat actions and anticipate the opponent's advance. Skills in the game implemented so that you level, your character increases a certain skill with whatever weapon or defense skill.

Earn experience can be not only in battle, but also for certain tasks. Just besides rewards in the form of experience in successfully completing quests you can get even a weapon or equipment.

Fragorii play that you will not only pleasant but also interesting, captures its authenticity. Sign up and dive into the world of magic and mystery Fragorii!


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