Free Aqua Zoo

Alternative names: Free Aqua Zoo

Game Free Aqua Zoo virtual aquarium by controlling which a player can catch a new, diverse fish grooming them, decorating the aquarium, changing its background and selling fish wishing to acquire them.

Free Aqua Zoo play fun and informative. Nice music, beautiful graphics and fifty different, bright fish species.

System requirements elementary. All that is required is an internet connection and a good browser.

Going to the game site, the player can immediately plunge into the underwater world, having a profile in the game Free Aqua Zoo .

Registration field consists of

· Name

· E-mail [_12_ ]

· Password

· Compliance with the rules of the game [_3_ ]

After passing Free Aqua Zoo registration, the player gets his first fish, for which starts flirting, hugging and tickle her.

His aquarium, game Free Aqua Zoo, at any time, can be washed, change the background, furnish decorations and, if necessary, to purchase a new aquarium.

From the decor you can buy

· Red Coral

· Yellow coral

· Old anchor

· The remains of the car

· Laughing fish skeleton [_3_ ]

· Phone Booth

· Tea table

· Taxi.

Numerous fish can be caught from the pond. Besides the usual, there is an exclusive river fish sold in the store

· Pike [ _117_]

· Fish sting [_3_ ]

· Chilly Willy

· Klyuvets [ _117_]

· Nautilus [ _117_]

· Cheops-carp [_3_ ]

· Lady-fish [_3_ ]

· Sir-fish [_3_ ]

Play game Free Aqua Zoo interesting, also because it is possible to gain points for their actions, raising its level. Levels distributed ascending

1. Barber worms

2. Kukuruzomoyschik

3. Slippery as an eel

4. Young Fisherman

5. Tester feed

6. Latinist fisher

7. Aquarium snail

8. Cleaner scenery

9. Amateur aquarist

10. Shoe

11. Land spawn

12. Pestrokrylkovod

13. Kormilec frost

14. Queen

15. Counter

16. Rastenieed

17. Free spawn

18. Ciliates

19. Spawning plants

20. Floating wind

21. Daredevil

22. King fishing

23. Ichthyologist

24. Fish Whisperer

25. Lamprey

26. Rider seahorse

27. Imperial carp

28. Imperial walleye

In each level there are new species

1. New Watermelon-Jellyfish Jellyfish Watermelon, Botox Vampirenysh, Scout, Little Dragon, Zebranos, langus flirtatious, lady fish, Manta, Nautilus, Octopus, Ocharovashka, Roboryb, Rybmoroz Sir fish, Cheops, carp, pike, fish ghost.

2. Tankersky Tuna.

3. Discotics, Tail Chameleon Shrimp.

4. Borodastik.

5. Kamneglot, Plavnizagibastik, parrot fish.

6. Vacuum Fish, Killer Whale, circus walleye, Chemodashka.

7. Botox-Pam Fish sausage, Chilly Willy.

8. Swath catfish, Krasaglazastik, Fish, scallops, fish-plate Fish Pharaoh Miner monkfish.

9. Pechalka, Clown fish, eel-tube, queen of hearts, Elvisinka, Gadyuchka.

10. Camel Fish Kamnelyub, Fish voodoo, electric eel.

11. Dvuhplavnikovy barbel, Mason, Bouncer, Water snake.

12. Klyuvets, Shipunchik, Swordfish.

13. Bartholomew, Namo, Nosey Prince Molotogoloaya shark.

14. Balloon, Fish sting Piranha.

15. Abrasive firefly Rainbow Fedor torpedo Turtle.

16. Fish, crab, fish, carrots.

17. Keith-tanker Kovrishka Frog.

18. Fish-sucker.

19. Crowned lord tentacles Chimera.

20. Ognesha.

21. Lionfish, fish-bird.

22. Elephant Ear.

23. Seahorse.

Play Free Aqua Zoo , therefore, in any place, at any time, enjoy your " small "aquarium and fish in it.

Play the game online Free Aqua Zoo , give the names of their fishes, care, play with them and do breed them even more fun when you can share these feelings and experiences with friends, on this, do not forget to invite them to go fishing with you!


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