Fritz 13. Anyone can Kings

Alternative names: Fritz 13. Anyone can Kings

Processor: PC Intel Core 2 Duo, 2. 4 GHz


Video Card: 512 MB


Fritz 13. All Kings are - this is the last user modification serious chess program, created in the early 80s of the last century. On the development of a multiprocessor computer program worked just two German engineer Franz Morsch and Mathias Feist.


Path Fritz 13


Fritz 13 program, which today can buy anyone an amateur chess battles and test your skills in one of the oldest and most complex games created by mankind, until recently was used only for training professional players. The first version of the program, which became a direct descendant of Fritz Chess 13, was created in the 80 th year, and it took about 10 years to create a full-fledged computer opponent for the best players in the world. Already in 1995, at a makeshift competition among computer chess programs (conducted and such) improved modification program called Fritz 3 was recognized as the undisputed champion by defeating the most advanced in the world at that point, the computer Deep Blue. After just seven years held its first competition next generation chess robot with a man who became world champion in classical chess Vladimir Kramnik, and the confrontation ended with a draw 4-4. A year later, the confrontation ended in a draw with Garry Kasparov's first three-dimensional version of a chess program. First defeat of professional chess player was applied in 2006 and it became all the same, Vladimir Kramnik, who lost one of the closest ancestors Fritz 13. All Kings are 4-2, made a grave error in one of the parties.


Commercial version


After the triumph over one of the most talented players of our time, a computer program has proven that rightfully occupies a leading place in various rankings similar programs. In 2009 was released the first version of the program available for public use, and two years later came the first commercial modification and Fritz 13, which could buy anyone and independently test their strength in the confrontation with one of the strongest chess robots created by man.


Friendly robot


Fritz Chess 13 different convenient and intuitive user interface with a large number of settings, including changes in power level of computer opponent, several variants of chess pieces. In addition, the user can change the display by choosing between three-dimensional and two-dimensional views. All moves will be recorded during the game, and you will always be able to assess where a mistake or, conversely, played well. All results can be exported for further evaluation. The game is more than 10 power levels of computer opponent, switching between which you yourself will adjust its power level, improving their skills game.




For novice chess players and for those who do not mind to improve their skills, the game has to offer more than six hours of training videos, in the drafting of which was attended by international professional trainers and world class players. It is the availability of training materials and making a chess program is not only a wonderful way to spend time in a confrontation with a worthy opponent, but also a great tutorial that can in practice to prepare you for any meeting of the chessboard.


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