Future Torpia

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Game Future Torpia will be transferred to you in the near future. This strategy comes from Germany. Fantasy mixed with reality, make you long to get excited about this game. You have to build new buildings, build fortifications, develop skills and gain new knowledge. Pleasant is the fact that in the Future Torpia online you do not have to install any additional files immediately after the registration process, you will be able to start the game.

You will be able to decorate your planet according to your taste. Upset, to build new buildings and bring them closer to the maximum to his ideals. In the game you have to enter the army, build barracks for troops and prepare them for service. Now you will be able to control their future in Thorpe.

Just as in most currently existing online games, Future Torpia registration process is required, otherwise you will not be able to access the game. Despite the fact that all of the game's interface is shown in German, each more or less experienced gamer will deal with management. In principle, in the upper right of the screen there is a checkbox change languages, but at the moment it remains inactive. Let us hope that this is just the shortcomings mode beta (just at this stage of development of the game is now), but in the future all will be fixed, and the Russian-speaking players will also be able to feel comfortable.

1. To begin the registration process you need to follow the link «Jetzt Spielen», located in the center of the game screen.

2. From the following link, you will see before you opened the registration form on the top line which is called «Benutzername», you will need to enter your username - this name you will be in Future Torpia play and you will see all the players, so you will handle system.

3. Line «E-Mail», as you probably can guess yourself, you will need to fill your address valid email.

4. In the next field you will need to record your unique password to log in to your personal account. Try to make it as safe to continue to play the game Future Torpia was safe, and you're not worried that your account may be compromised by fraudsters.

5. The next stage - the choice of race. The game is available two races: Humans and Shivanery. More information about the races we will discuss below.

6. To check the system could be completed, you will need to accept and agree to all terms of the user agreement that you can make a check mark in front of the set phrase «Ich habe dieAGB und ...».

7. Verifying the correctness of filling, click "Play Online Free", or rather a large green button that says «Jetzt Gratis mitspielen». You will receive a confirmation email, click on the web link it contains.

As mentioned above, the game is available in two main races:

1. People.

2. Shiva.

If people all basically clear, speaking of Shivas, it is worth noting that this four-armed aliens, adoring decorate everything around coins, beads and bows. Play Future Torpia free anyone can! Try it and you!


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