Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

Alternative names: Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

System requirements:

Processor: Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo 2. 2GHz or Faster


Video Card: 512 MB

Disk Space: 2 GB


Galaxy on Fire 2 - continuation of the popular game, which managed to win all possible mobile platforms, the second part was designed to conquer the market of personal computers. Authors of the project in full voice curled the game Galaxy on Fire 2 was born thanks to one of the most famous space RPG, and Russian production titled "Space Rangers". Indeed, the differences in the gaming world visible, but the general idea games, including a completely open world, a lot of story and side quests, perfectly-designed trading system and even in the rich arsenal of weapons. Gaaktika on fire 2 has a similar story freaks where ruthless aliens appeared not news knows where, and attacking everything and everyone in its path. You will become, if desired course participant specially created entity, which will be opposed mysterious enemy and seek his weaknesses, study galactic news on each of the planets and space bases, where you manage to land.




Initially, we have at its disposal a small space ship, on which you can buy a number of additional parts or arms, but at some point will have to think about changing the base of the ship, as capacity and armor will lag behind enemy equipment. Initially have a lot to fly at affordable parts of the galaxy, performing simple tasks and simultaneously pritorgovyvaya scarce commodities. More or less seriously staffed its warship weapons and defense systems will be to threaten and combat missions Galaxy on Fire 2. Simple control of combat units, which offers game Galaxy on Fire 2 will not take much time to mastering it. The main thing to move as quickly as possible, moving away from the shots of the enemy and cause dramatic counterattacks. The main tactic will be unchangeable, however, the attack from long-range guns incapacitate enemy thrusters and final execution speed of the ship devoid of melee weapons.




Sometimes force spent on a flight from one star system to another and constant fighting against overwhelming odds, can not even justify the cost of repairs of the ship, wounded by enemy lasers and missiles, but in most cases, the reward will be pleasing to the eye and allow to buy new modules , and even a ship.


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