Ganja Wars

Alternative names: Ganja Wars

Online game GanjaWars - free browser based strategy role-playing category RPG. Virtual copy of the gangster world developed by OOO "MediaSite." Despite the racy title GanjaWars online does not endorse illegal drugs and encourages people to use them. In 2003, online game took a leading position in the net, and since then its rating is not falling. All this thanks to the originality of the project, which is able to interest many gamers. Dirty, brutal world of crime make you a participant in the bloody shootings and mafia showdowns. GanjaWars online game - this is a unique opportunity to realize their strategic capabilities, to show all the courage and skill to demonstrate combat abilities. Come into this vile world to survive in it and help establish GanjaWars registration. This game is available for almost everyone, thanks to its unpretentious system requirements:

1) Operating system Windows 2000, XP, Vista

2) Processor Intel Pentium I 200MHz

3) Memory 32 MB

4) Have a video card is not required

5) Internet connection

To begin GanjaWars play, no need to download and install the game client. Join in the game GanjaWars - it's just filling in the registration form. Need to enter the following information:

1) Name of the game character

2) Male or female sex

3) create a password (confirmed by the re-introduction)

4) Number of pictures painted by a professional designer

Register GanjaWars after the introduction of the necessary data offers even choose the weapon you want to start the game. Proposed characterization you can read in the same window. So, you can take two or Makarov pistol or a Kalashnikov rifle, sniper rifle, or "Mini-Dragunov" or Winchester 1200 shotgun. Defines hurry, and forward - plunge headlong into the raging events gandzhubasovskih wars.

PvP system consists of the following battles:

- Text fight

- Graphic battle

- Quest War

Text fight easiest and short. Internet traffic flow is quite small. Application tactics here is almost impossible.

In graphic battle may already be on the screen to watch the players. Graphics promotes a realistic perception of the fight, and so much more interesting battle graphic text. You get the opportunity to realize their strategic plans. Fight complicated obstacles, but are also available various shelters.

Quest wars are fought on a remote island which is under protection of enemies. But if you decide to join the fight and came out of it a winner, valuables and a new level of becoming your legitimate reward.

In this play the game online GanjaWars, can be taking part in such groups fighting as single battles (opponent choose yourself), duel (feature - a ban dodge), common (up to 30 members), street (goal - got hold of money, experience and skill points), the attack on the property (two syndicates against each other).

Of course, playing GanjaWars unarmed impossible. The choice here is quite wide:

- Gun

- Sniper rifles

- Automatic

- Pistols

- Shotguns

- Grenade

Makes a lot of gun shots. Because of this a few bullets all exactly even inflict damage to the enemy departed.

Sniper rifle can fire again, but quite powerful. The advantage of this weapon is the ability to shoot from afar and penetrate any armor.

Automatic is a cross between a machine gun and a sniper rifle. Also quite efficient weapon.

Pistols can become destructive power in the right hands. Especially because in each hand, you can take one gun to use them simultaneously.

Shotguns even have a small range, but are indispensable in the melee.

Grenade also used at close range, but at one shot hits multiple enemies.

In addition to weapons, GanjaWars online game provides players possess objects of modern communication and means of transport. This can be a mobile phone, car, boat and more. These things increase the combat characteristics of the character.

Naturally, nothing you do not get anything at all. Therefore, in order to capitalize on the necessary things and decent ammunition Arrange to work, or go trade. The economic component of the game implies different types of properties. These objects serve as the mining, processing and manufacturing industry. To begin to accumulate some capital, it should work in the mines, factories or trading terminals. Your work will be paid hourly. There is a chance that otpahat put, you can buy your own venture. Strive to establish their business to gain power and influence in the underworld.

Play the game online GanjaWars you will, moving through the levels. In the beginning, your chances of simply minimal. For example, of the three types of fights, you can use only text. Up to level 5 has a small selection of locations you are working on a uranium mine, and this job of work, you see, is not easy. But with increasing levels is changing radically. New perspectives. Already by the 10th level character right qualitatively change. So you can, for example, are now themselves choose which battle to participate. After all, they become available. Also it is possible to join a syndicate.

To start playing right now and make sure GanjaWars - a decent game for the strong, smart, bold, outgoing people who do not scare difficulties. Enjoy and be proud of their achievements! Let luck never turn away from you!


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