Gardens of Time

Alternative names: Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time game, which is one of the most popular free games (HOG) on the Internet. This game there is no need to download, you can play Gardens of Time online free right in your browser.

You can visit some historical places - are the walls of Troy, step pyramids of Egypt, the Clock Tower of London and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in search of various objects.

Gardens of Time Online provides hundreds of hours of free content, including four different game modes. Players can also be friends, urging them to be on the main points, sending them gifts and invitations to attend private gardens and friends to help them with quests.

Gardens of Time registration takes place in English, as the site of the game with an English interface.

In order to make a registration you will need:

1. Go to the website of the game Gardens of Time.

2. Click on « Login in » .

3. Enter the address of your mailbox.

4. The next step - enter the password.

5. If you do not have your account, follow the below described actions.

6. Write the address of the mailbox.

7. Enter the password.

8. Pull-down list the day, month and year of birth.

9. Press « Start playing » . Having done this click you acknowledge that you agree to all the rules of the game.

Gardens of Time iphone - this version of the game designed specifically for the iphone.

Play Gardens of Time You're such characters:

1. Alistair Wells. He is your partner and mentor. His public actions for society characterized by openness and uncanny work ethic. However, he tends to keep himself in the same way as it relates to personal matters.

2. Eleanor Lansing Purlieu. She is a longtime member of the Society of time. She grew up in amenities in terms of matriarchy, and often acts accordingly.

3. Richard Wakefield. He shrewd character perfectly able to recover time and trends. He is local to each. Many events brought him distrust many of his colleagues.

4. Lulu Milton. She fashionista and it has a large free spirit . It is not modest girl , Lulu adorn themselves extravagant clothes of different eras time.

5. Quincy Bolthouse. He is Victorian geek . His brilliant mind and drivel earned him role Chief Technologist .

6. Megan Kher. She is other recent character in society from background privileges [_13_ ] that it would not want discuss. Its relatively fresh face is not so much known.

Gardens of Time, you can play for free. And remember the most important thing for the game you do not need to download anything extra. You can now start the game and enjoy its special effects.

Gardens of Time Online - one of the most intriguing games of the secrets of history, legendary places.

Enter the world of Gardens of Time, get a lot of unforgettable experiences and make sure that the world that history is fraught with a lot of mysteries and secrets.


Good luck to you in this mysterious game!


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