Genesis Soul

Alternative names: Genesis Soul
Genesis Soul online is almost a free multiplayer game in the style ekshin. There you will have the opportunity to play in two modes: as a first and third person. The essence of the game is that you would - as the protagonist - to perform tasks that were mission and defeated enemies, who will meet on your way. The game will appeal to fans of active battles, as it protagonist moves vigorously on various gaming zones that are scattered around the globe! Thus, the game Genesis Soul allows you to visit all the continents, wander through the burning desert, go down into the deep dark dungeons. When all of the above Genesis Soul is a game which is aimed at general consumers may be interested as a teenager, and the experienced person, who has seen a lot. In Genesis Soul Live has a lot of options that will please even hardened players. You are invited to a very wide selection of firearms weapons allowed to use bladed weapons as combat dagger. The choice is sent on behalf of what character to play than to arm themselves and what skills have. Accordingly, many things (especially equipment) you can buy and upgrade depending on the level of the game and gaining experience. Such actions are possible only for the money that is earned during quests plus bonuses. It is also possible to refill your account by, while making real money. You have a choice! Game impresses with its impressive special effects, bright moments served battles. Also, your every action is accompanied by certain noises and sounds that further fuels the emotions, focuses and promotes activation of gameplay. Play the game Genesis Soul very easy! To control all the actions you need to just use the mouse to shoot and adjust your actions (select appropriate options), as well as a few keys on the keyboard to guide the hero missions. In order to start playing Genesis Soul, you will need to carry out a short registration process which will not take much time. Genesis Soul registration elementary, this only need to visit the game's official website and create your account there, filling several columns: 1). Specify your preferred username; 2). Enter the password; 3). Repeat the password; 4). Specify your email address; 5). Press the "registration". Now you - a full member of this gameplay, you can use all the features. First of all go quick short course rules and objectives of the game. Will make it easy despite the fact that the game menu performed entirely in Chinese. Almost every move will be coordinated by the hints in the form of arrows and brief. Game start by creating your character, equip it without permission and you can go on a mission. And may you're lucky!

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