Alternative names: Genome

Genome online - fantastic free multiplayer strategy game space subjects. A place of development is mind-blowing events galaxy GENESIS-1. Distance from the Earth to it is millions of light years. The newcomer will be surrounded by a gamer different creatures that seem incomprehensible to him and amazing. That these strange creatures and inhabit a distant galaxy. Before you will be tasked - a decent place to win their own race, whose representatives, began its development from primitive bacteria eventually become self-reliant unique inhabitants of the world. You will create your race and will surely lead it to a brighter future. The more virtual land will be able to colonize the better. Scattered in every corner of the universe representatives of your race show the desired success. Play Genome - then push to the side of the former inhabitants, constantly fighting with them, and demonstrate those insolent that consider themselves masters here, their strength, ingenuity, and a wise tactic. Let no one dares to be on your way! Way to a new conqueror extraordinary galaxy!

Enjoy the gameplay can be virtually any computer. Project of Genom Games available to a wide audience of users due to low system requirements. Besides, the download does not have. Go back to the cosmic expanses help Genome registration. To create an account, you need to enter in the appropriate lines username, email address and password. Keep in mind that the creation account implies acceptance of the rules of the game, to get acquainted with whom it would be nice in the beginning.

You may have already had to ask ourselves, why are not developing on our habitual planet Earth? The thing is that miserable planet suddenly appeared close to humans. Devastating wars led to the fact that one is not perfect, the earth simply collapsed. The impending nuclear catastrophe expelled from the planet surface survivors. On giant arks they went to seek refuge in space. During centuries of wandering in order to survive and usovershestvovaniya human essence was launched a project entitled "Genome". Yes, thanks to this project people getting stronger, tougher, mentally alert. Even the owner to operate the machines become a reality. But all of these incredible changes, unfortunately, taken the most valuable than a person could own in a former life - soul. Such people as the story goes, once arrived at GENESIS-1 and through unforeseen circumstances were forced to carry out an emergency landing, after which realized that back in space there is no way, and will have to get a new, unexplored place. For better or worse, whether it was something that was over such a long journey - judge by the events that have evolved further. People who already know and because of numerous mutations have been difficult to master in the galaxy and quickly turned into a voracious creatures so that steel tends to win more and more planets. And once you have decided Genome play, you have to take part in this mad struggle for power in the vastness of space. Different factors affect how many planets will be able to capture. But much depends on the efforts.

Game Genome offers unforgettable fights. Each victory is marked by the award in the form of biomass that is the main consumable. It helps to change the gene pool of biomass beings, and therefore its combat characteristics. If not eternal struggle, progress would be impossible. So be ready for stormy life! If you want to lay on a nearby planet starting population, thither expedition. Created beings require pumping. All of them are endowed with such parameters as genes (reproduction, adaptation level, strength, reflexes, endurance, metabolism, intelligence), mutation (allow to create unique creatures), population (number of a certain kind of beings), biomass (a kind of game currency) and level (increased due to the accumulation of experience). The game gives you Genom ability to change the DNA of creatures and strength to conquer the vast territory - well, what else is needed to satisfy their own ambitions? Start playing the game online Genome now, and you gradually open the full potential of the original project. We can only wish you good luck! Let all our plans come true!


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