German Truck Simulator

Alternative names: German Truck Simulator

Game German Truck Simulator is a unique computer game of its kind, because it is dedicated to the hard work of truckers. This game is designed in the genre simulator.

Online game German Truck Simulator, you can download the game's official website, or order a digital version of the game (on disk).

Download game German Truck Simulator, you can torrent file if on this website is provided by this feature. On the official website of the game also download German Truck Simulator free impossible. Her need to pre-order and buy.

Before you start playing in German Truck Simulator see if your computer meets the system requirements for the game:

1) 2.4 GHz - Processor.

2) 1 GB - RAM.

3) 1 GB - HDD.


In the computer game German Truck Simulator you will play, starting with a conventional career truck drivers. To buy your own wagon you need to earn money. But this is not the end of your goal, you will need to acquire more and more trucks, expanding their holdings.

Then you will need to hire drivers and buy garages for cars. You'll buy them all over Germany. That you need to create your unique logical empire.

To facilitate your purchase, your attention will be given an accurate map of Germany and her eighteen biggest cities.

The game German Truck Simulator present developed career mode and improved economic system.


You need to be in the game German Truck Simulator not only to expand its fleet, but watch out for him. Update their trucks to the maximum level that they bring more revenue.

In order that you can play in Russian, you will need to play further German Track Simulator download crack, and then install it.

So it develops its unique economic strategy that will bring you profit. Hire the best workers and buy only quality trucks, despite the fact that they can be improved. Expand their holdings by buying branches in different parts of Germany.

Your work will only travel between the cities of Germany. Load, the amount and the district will choose to send yourself.

You should necessarily follow the status of their transport, pay attention to the amount of fuel in cars.

Game German Track Simulator not spread throughout the world, and only a few countries: Germany, Austria, Russia, Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Scandinavia.


Explore all conditions profession trucker with the game German Truck Simulator. Rate this unusual simulator, it's features and benefits.

Become a real truck driver, who had the strength to manage their empire: to engage in distribution transportation, shopping garages and trucks, as well as selection of staff.





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