Heroes of War and Money

Alternative names: HeroesWM

Heroes of War and Money Online-free multiplayer online game, made in the strategy genre, which gives us a huge and fascinating original world in which events unfold. Online game Heroes of War and Money is very popular among so many players around the world.

Join in the game Heroes of War and Money is very simple and does not take much time. All you need to do - you enter your player name, a password for secure access to the game and provide an email address to which you will receive a confirmation that the registration heroes of war and money over. Generally, in the Heroes of War and Money Online registration is designed so that you can restore your password to access your account if you suddenly forget it.

As for system requirements, so there should not worry just do. In order to play the game Heroes of War and Money online, you only need a computer connected to the Internet. This means that the game is unassuming to the specifications of your computer. At the same time, despite the decent picture quality, the game will not "slow down" if you do not have a very fast connection to the World Wide Web.

All in the game, there are eight fractions, each of which has its own unique buildings, types of forces, magic spells and abilities heroes. So, you have the opportunity to start playing for the necromancers, knights, barbarians, wizards of light and dark elves, dwarves and demons. Interesting feature is that starting to play the game online Heroes of War and Money, you have the opportunity several times during the game to change faction. Mechanics of this process is designed so that when you change faction, the level of your city, and all the possible characteristics of your character does not change. Because of this, each player has the opportunity to experience their own skin different styles of play.

Heroes of War and Money online game in which the total amount of your troops is not a fundamental advantage, what matters is how high the level of your units. By the development of the game available features such as attack, magic power, protection, luck, intelligence, morale and initiative. Each of these parameters for proper development will significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome for you in battle. In addition, each race has its own unique abilities, which are also available for development.
Game Heroes of War and Money Online pleasantly pleased well-developed system of guilds, allowing much more efficient to deal with the pressing problems and receive additional benefits in the development. Each player has the opportunity to join the thieves guild, workers, hunters, mercenaries, blacksmiths, gamblers, gunsmiths and even guild. Such a system is quite trivial, because, as a rule, strategy games, very little attention is paid to the development of a character's name.

At your disposal is about twenty different sets of ammunition, different in its characteristics and appearance, giving a pretty good boost in performance. Just in the game it is possible to collect sets of ammunition, and get additional bonuses in combat. In Heroes of War and Money has great achievement system. Developing your character and reaching new peaks and new, you have the opportunity to receive special awards and medals, which in the game are almost a hundred. As a rule, you can earn rewards for special heroic job or for high rates of development, which you have in peacetime.

In Heroes of War and Money is nice also because adminstratsiya game very carefully suited to the process of monitoring the activities of players and tries to account for all their comments and suggestions. It's nice when the dialogue between management and players is open and constructive.

Summarizing all the above, it must be said about the product has proved quality and interesting, but because every fan of fantasy games can appreciate the pleasure derived from the game.
Sign up, start playing Heroes of war and money and become a true legend in the wizarding world.


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