GetAmped 2

Alternative names: GetAmped 2

Game GetAmped 2 - free multiplayer role-playing arcade game with three-dimensional graphics from the Japanese company CyberStep, Inc. The project will remind the user to play the good old 90s. You waiting for exciting fights and exciting mission. You are transported to the future, namely in 2120. This year is marked by the fact that people were able to go beyond the galaxy and make contact with intelligent beings living on other planets. First, you need to undergo a training course, which will help to master the basics of gameplay. I must say that to understand the gameplay will not be difficult, because the interface is simple and intuitive. But we should not neglect the training stage, as GetAmped 2 online inherent in a variety of nuances, understand that often alone can not do. Upon successful completion of "test drive" GetAmped2 start playing at full strength. You will steady hand to destroy a huge number of enemies, to perform intricate tasks, take part in all sorts of fights, and finally become so confident in their own abilities that you are not afraid to fight the tough boss, terrifying already one of its kind. Between hardcore you can defend the truth in verbal dvoboe with obstinate members of the order. Such a pause will not only rest between contractions, but will also give an opportunity to shine your own intelligence.

You can play GetAmped2 free, provided that the computer meets the following list of relevant parameters

- OS Windows (2K/XP/Vista/7);

- Processor Intel Pentium III 1. 2 GHz;

- DirectX 9 compatible. 0 or above;

- 256 MB RAM;

- Internet connection of 128 kbps.

Comes into play is possible through Facebook, to register on the official website. GetAmped 2 registration takes just a minute. You must enter the following data: username, email address, password, and the name on the forum. After downloading the game, you will plunge into a pleasant atmosphere, which does not want to leave, even after several hours of play.

GetAmped 2 can play in three modes: Tournament (single and team battles with up to 8 people on one side), Mission Defender (story quests, battle against non-player characters, the team is allowed 4 people) and Street Fights (epic battle involving up to 20 people, with three stages of treatment and without any restrictions). Of course it is better to start small and not disappointed to see how the game ended, almost before it started, when you lightly immediately took up the complex regime. So, you ready for an incredible adventure, and you are naturally interested with whom to fight. Here it should be said that the opponents will be no shortage. On your way will meet and cyborgs and zombies, and all sorts of monsters, and a lot of other evil spirits. Stockpiles of weapons to kill the crowd these vile creatures. By the way, the weapon should be selected suitable for the hero. After all the characters have distinctive characteristics, which means that they can hold different kinds of weapons. And remember that consuming whole rabble, you prepare for the climax - a terrible battle with the boss.

Pleasant moment is the hero customization. You will be able to edit skins and avatars. Moreover, you can share your unique skins with other players. Create a character similar to favorite cartoon characters and have fun!

It is worth mentioning that the project in addition to addictive gameplay gives the opportunity to find a good conversationalist. Experience double joy, having success in the game, plus communicating via in-game mail and chat with your friends. In fairness it should be noted that the game GetAmped 2 differs with many features. Among them are the original sound design and bright graphics and dynamic development of the plot, and a variety of quests. All this you can appreciate only if join the fun gaming community. Do not waste another minute in vain! After all, so many interesting things ahead! Good luck!




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