World gladiators

Alternative names: World Gladiators

Historical multiplayer online role-playing game World gladiators give you the opportunity to experience for yourself what to be on the scene in a deadly battle when at stake is not only the reputation, but also life in general and how ordinary gladiator succeed in this complex and often unjust reality . The main objective of the player - promoted to the status of a warrior empire. In the game world of gladiators online fine balance is maintained in the schedule - a successful combination of elements of 2D and 3D animation, good in terms of usability colors, accessible interface and interesting images. In short, for the "wrap", the developers tried their best. But in the world of gladiators should play and because of "stuffing" as well. She's here at - rich storyline, the original game mechanics and combat system, the ability to develop a character in many ways and all this with humor and thematic (historical) manner.

As for the system requirements of the game in terms of the desired configuration, such as on their official website stated. Indicated only that play the game online World gladiators preferred browser Google Chrome, and on a PC you need to have Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher since.

Join in the game World of gladiators - another original chip developers. Create your account becomes a kind of dialogue between you and chronicler Oliem. Under the recommendations of the elder you enter the username for your character and specify its sex, then password, e-mail box address, Skype and ICQ. And finally, accept the rules of the game in the world and your gladiator online registration is almost completed. Thereafter Oliy send his guest to the blacksmith, blacksmith to the leader of the Light Side god Helios, but because you get to the lord of the underworld of the dead to Hades. Each of them will greet you and bestow some element of ammunition - wretched helmet, shield and wretched wretched sword - this is what you'll be playing in the first World gladiators. Ammunition called squalid not mind (though not without it), but by a kind of hierarchy, which is spelled out for weapons and equipment. Wretched gray weapons - is for beginners to more experienced players designed purple weapons forged by Hephaestus, and of high-end weapons - red - this is the great Roman legionaries acquire troops.

So, after this protracted process of communication, choice and initiation into the nuances of the game, which is the "registration gladiators World", you finally find yourself in the heart of Rome, and you are faced with a choice on which side to stand up - to join Bright army of God Helios, or choose the dark side. Those and others have their own advantages, strong warriors of darkness in the attack, and the warriors of Light wear armor and weapons of very durable metal heaven, they have cavalry and good performance.

In the arms of the hierarchy, the game offers online world of gladiators and gladiatorial career ladder - five statuses of character development: a Gladiator, Gladiator recognized, the free inhabitants of Rome, politician and great warrior of the Empire. Each status is awarded for certain achievements, but as you know, the most worthy.

But to play the game online World gladiators possible without resorting to military or political battles. Engage in a quest that will bring you money and experience, they learn about the world - for you to create a wide variety of locations and all kinds of bots. Make friends and create clans, make enemies and fits all their victories and achievements in a personal diary.

In short, the world of gladiators online game where there are many opportunities for the implementation of the character. In this case all game events occur against a background of historic landscapes in the colorful atmosphere of ancient Rome. Join this fascinating game and put mighty Rome "to its knees."


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