Alternative names: Gladiatus

Gladiatus online - is a multiplayer online browser game in which you will find a lot of dangers and mysteries. It's - Great Roman Empire, and if you feel Gladiator, while online game Gladiatus give you a lot of fun!

Online game Gladiatus generally free, but if you want you can buy a premium account, so you significantly reduce the time and all kinds of expeditions ease the life of his hero. The game is available in any browser!

To enter the game you need Register Gladiatus: on the main page in the appropriate fields choose a game server (s), enter your name, e-mail, password and accept the game rules agreement. Click on "Register" and on this game Gladiatus Registration ends and you go to a new page where you have to choose the gender of your hero. Further, you are encouraged to equip your hero, then your character can go on an expedition (here you have to run several tasks, for which you get to experience, money, and some of the things that make your character will be able to take part in the fighting). Performing various tasks in the future, your hero will be able to get a reward, except for experience and money, unique weapons, items and armor that can not be bought on the market.

Gladiatus online game is not a bad arsenal of weapons: Daggers, swords, clubs, spears, hammers, axes ... as well as an arsenal of armor: Leather armor, shields, rags, helmets, gloves, sandals. Alchemist ... And you can purchase a variety of drugs, powders and magic coin ...

Taking part in the battle, your character will be improved by 2 basic mind game parameters - experience and skills.

Basic Skills (characteristics): Hit Points, Experience, Strength, Skill, Agility, Stamina, Intellect and Charisma. Each skill gives your character certain bonuses in battle.

Increasing experience, your character will move to higher levels, while improving their opportunities, and raising their status in the game world. Upon reaching 5th level, he will be able to create your guild and take in her group of associates. And in the future, together with them to advance to the endless top of the hierarchy ...

Online game Gladiatus has many different locations, which are located in three countries: Italy, Germany and Africa. Some locations have a dungeon inhabited by bosses. Total currently 23 locations in the game (at each location there live various mobs, which will meet your hero).

In each country there is a hermit who performs the following functions: Change nick Moving to another country and change their sex.

Play the game online can Gladiatus having a particular profession, which can take some time (from 1 hour to 24 hours). For the work performed, your hero will get the money and reward (food). Choice of professions such: Assistant groom, Farmer, Butcher, Baker and Fisher. And if the bribe in 3 Rubin one of the Senators, it is possible to get a job or Senator Goldsmith. Rubies can buy "real" and use them to exchange for the right things ...

Play online game Gladiatus you will be taking part in the battle for gold (it is the game currency, which you can buy for the simple things, as well as pay for training gladiatorial art, in the gym). The Arena can cause your hero to fight another similar opponent.

Play Gladiatus, you can by hiring mercenaries (though they require weapons, so you have to lay on them a certain amount). Mercenaries will assist you in battle, in the dungeon and the Arena.

The game has an auction where you can buy very valuable rarities. To bet!

At present in the game market, you can sell or buy different things.

In Gladiatus can play, signing an agreement with earthly or divine powers.

If you want to combine their interests, goals and objectives with other players, join guilds, or create your own (creation as has been said, is only possible with the 5th level).

In general, we can say the game is quite extensive and exciting, there is still a lot of interesting things you will see! Gladiatus registration will open your way in this dangerous adventure!


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