Glory Wars

Alternative names: Glory Wars

Glory Wars Online - free multiplayer online browser-based game, made in the genre of turn-based strategy, which pleasantly pleased not only a good story and interesting complication, and a pleasant user interface and graphics. But captivating online game Glory Wars still that it developers paid particular attention to the mechanics of combat is combat.

Registration in Glory Wars game does not take long and is not very complicated and confusing process. All that is required of you - please specify when registering a game character's name, a password for secure access to your account and email address. After some time on your e-mail will be sent informing you that registration Glory Wars is over and you can safely begin to play the game online Glory Wars.

Do not worry about whether the Glory Wars game on your computer to work properly, because it is not demanding specifications of your computer. All you need - to connect to the World Wide Web and installed browser. If all you have, then you can safely begin to play the game online Glory Wars.

Very pleasing to the eye in the game are beautiful and well-designed flash animation, thanks to this, the screen always comes out juicy and colorful. The developers put a lot of effort in creating a huge amount of in-game items as well as specialized skills for the characters, and an arsenal of equipment, as well as a number of skills, constantly added and updated. Glory Wars online game in which battles are made in the best traditions of the game series "Heroes of Might and Magic."

The combat system in the game is realized step by step. At the end of each turn, you will need to wait until your opponent's turn. An interesting feature of the game is that in addition to full-time battles, there are also large-scale fight, which involved dozens of players. But in such battles the player almost nothing depends on the system itself makes the moves, depending on the studied skills and equipment of the game character.

The game's storyline revolves around the total chaos that resulted from the wrath of the gods, protectors of the magical world of the game. The trouble never comes alone and on the ashes, are the consequence of the disaster, and then began to appear outlandish scary monsters, and then violated a measured and harmonious existence of the inhabitants of the magical world. But the tribe of hunters, dominating ancient magic magic kingdom, decided to resist the inexorable expansion of monsters. This gave rise to the height of a terrible and bloody war, which forced all the inhabitants tremble game world.

Your task is to restore the balance of power in the gaming universe. Besides this, you need higher and higher to move up the social ladder.

At the beginning of the game you are given the opportunity to choose one of the three professions of your game protege - a warrior, a hunter or a mysterious magician. Then you can safely proceed to restore justice in the kingdom.

Sign up and prove that you are worthy to become a real hero of the world to play Glory Wars, which administer justice, be right for you!


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