Wrath of the Gods

Alternative names: Gnev Bogov

Wrath of the Gods online - is a multiplayer role-playing game that combines fantasy and cyberpunk styles, from the very first minutes, immersing you into the unknown reality gaming. Traveling through the game worlds, you will come face to face with a variety of opponents and defeat them all.

To make a step towards the unknown, you have to register in the game. But first let's deal with the system requirements. Online game Wrath of the Gods does not impose specific requirements for the computer player.

You will need:

• computer with the operating system Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Seven

• CPU must be Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or better

• 512 Mb RAM

• 64 MB video card

• Adobe Flash Player version 9 or. 0

In addition, you'll need an Internet browser and an internet connection.

If your computer meets the system requirements, pushed the game, you only have to register.

Join in the game Wrath of the Gods may not be necessary if you want to get into the game using your account at social networking sites such as:

• Classmates

• Vkonktakte

• Mail. ru

• Facebook

If you do not want to link your account in the net with the game, you can just register, and registration Wrath of the Gods will not take much time, and also seem very interesting.

You have to enter the name of the character, specify the floor, and then select its appearance. Hair color, eyes, hair, beard and other outward signs of the selected character depends only on you. If for some reason do not want to do it, you can entrust the choice of exterior computer. The final stage of Wrath of the Gods online registration - Introduction e-mail address, password and the code from the image. Click "Finish" and you are already in the game.

Wrath of the Gods online game plunges into the world, previously divided into three parts:

• World of Stone

• World Iron

• World Sun

However, people in these worlds have forgotten about their gods, and they decided to destroy mankind. But God did not leave Corus people in a hopeless situation and did everything possible so that people could fight on equal terms against the gods.

Wrath of the Gods online game - a unique universe, consisting of several completely different to other worlds with amazing colorful landscapes. During the battle can use one of the thousands of weapons and equipment, often unique and created just for themselves. Properly chosen ammunition can increase your strength many times!

In the game, there are three variants of magical arts:

• destruction, otherwise - red path of development

Players who choose this specialization are warriors with the greatest force of the impact and the magnitude of the damage.

• knowledge - blue class

This class is a mystery, and all the time looking for the best balance and distribution skills.

• Harmony - Green Classroom

Some of these best doctors having even mass healing powers. It usually patient and kind-hearted characters

The character, while how you play the game online Wrath of the Gods, is one important parameter - reputation.

Earn a reputation can be during special reputation quests.

Reputation gives strength to your spirit, on which depends the critical strike force in combat.

When you play the game Wrath of the Gods online then you expect animated fights with quality portrayal of the actions of each of the contenders. Can also unite with friends to fight together against high level monsters.

When you start to play the game online Wrath of the Gods, you get an initial combat experience can be in the arena, hiring for that special coach - Corus servant. After that you can go to perform a variety of quests - special tasks for which performance character gains experience, money and trophies. Feature of the game is that every quest is unique, and only on your personal choice decision depends remuneration. In the scenario quest spelled several different endings, just as in the general plot of the game, which is nonlinear and depends entirely on the players' actions.

To join a clan, to play Wrath of the Gods is more fun. The arena can take part in the battle of clans and their victory and raise rating clan. In addition, the clan together goes to hunt special monsters that bring expensive trophies.

Deciding to play in Wrath of the Gods, you will spend time fun in the colorful and unique world.

Online game Gnev Bogov interesting and accessible to everyone!


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