Galaxy Online 2

Alternative names: Galaxy Online 2

Galaxy Online - a fascinating story about the future, both at the global space war broke out between the galaxies. Do you have a great opportunity to start playing Galaxy Online ΙΙ and contribute to this space saga. Become a character in the grand battles of strategy and advanced client Bless this mighty ruler. Choose from 5,000 kinds of vehicles and Organize your own twist on the planet. Empire created by you will be able to engage in fights and win cool new space.

So that you can play the game Galaxy Online ΙΙ, computer must meet certain parameters:

• Operating System Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

• Processor Pentium 3 800Mhz

• Video GeForce 32mb

• Video RAM GeForce 32mb hard drive and 1Gb

• Internet DSL / Cable

Making sure that everything is in order, you can safely venture into the adventure. It will help to make registration in the game Galaxy Online ΙΙ. To load a game, please complete the following fields of the registration form:

1. username

2. password

3. email address

4. Buzz Code

Then click «Next», of course, if you are over 13 years old. Galaxy Online ΙΙ registration gives you the right to enter the game at any moment. You can do it, and through Facebook, Google or E-mail.

Becoming a full-fledged master of the planet, take your required $ 50 offered Galaxy Online 2 novices and engage primarily in construction. Construct all necessary buildings to feel at home here. Developing their holdings over time you will be sure that will give a fitting rebuff scalps opponents. Be on the alert, cosmic expanses ply pirate ships that are always ready to strike a vulnerable spot. Do not forget to check out reports of battles. Punish those who tried to hurt you. Organize counter attack. If you do not like the prospect of total annihilation, do everything possible in order to prevent trouble. Only on yourself depends, will prosper your empire or become a drifting stardust.

Unable Galaxy Online ΙΙ play without resource consumption. Learn how to use reserve your generous planet. Regularly frees up space in warehouses (filled automatically), so they are not crowded. Do not be lazy to check the site of his friends, because there you can pick up a lot of valuable. You will need more gold, which you can get by taxing its citizens. Let your every day replenish the coffers.

Is not a party of his friends. Remember that there are critical moments, without the help of code simply can not do. So do not be lazy to make their fellow small services, such as assistance in repairing the space station or participation in their construction.

Is no doubt that the essence of the game is to hostilities. However, the game Galaxy Online ΙΙ prepared for you a variety of occupations. A lot of jobs under different names expect

• Need for Speed ​​

• Space harvest

• Do not click beak

• Helping Hand

• Storage

• Unforgettable voucher

• Donations

If you are an executive player who visits her every day planet, you can experience the opportunity to turn the wheel of fortune. You can do this every day after 1:00.

Galaxy 2 game boasts a huge number of registered users. The game is about 7 million players, among which you can find as faithful companions, and worthy opponents. Join the online community right now, take your rightful place in the ranks of space warriors. Believe that you will not have to be disappointed! Have a good flight!


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