God of Axion

Alternative names: God of Axion

God of Axion game is free MMO browser strategy. God Axion game - a game that reflects the demands of hardcore gamers PVP. You start your adventure with the island in the sky, and your task is its extension. All players are encouraged to wage war and make alliances.

Before playing God of Axion, make sure your computer meets the system requirements for this: the frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB.

God of Axion registration does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the Welcome page, select the item «Register»;

2. Give a name to your character;

3. Enter a valid e-mail;

4. Enter a secure password and repeat it;

5. Select the item «Submit».

In God of Axion Online players have the opportunity to join one of the 3 elements (water, fire and earth). You'll be playing God of Axion and get various bonuses by the selected item, including the chance to create regular troops that are unique for each element. In addition, the most courageous players God of Axion online will need to find a way to summon the mysterious people who had long been defeated, to help them in battles in the present. In God of Axion online emphasis on collaborative efforts of players, creating strong alliances that fight in the sky together. And there are enough ways to do this in God of Axion Online: brave warriors conquering must rally the troops and go with them into battle, civilians can give a blessing to help their friends or their mortal enemies hit curses; cunning players prefer otpravlyatna spies and intelligence sabotage. Development Team God of Axion Online gave a lot of time and effort to communicate with the players and their problems immediately, making sure that the ideas are integrated players in the game. Join the friendly community of God of Axion Online forum. A whole new world God of Axion Online, unique troops, strong blessings murderous curse random storms in a changing sky, magnificent buildings, the trading system God of Axion online, insidious spying enemy colonization of islands, large bonuses and alliances, powerful catapult legendary griffins dragons ... This is the God of Axion game! Of course, part of the fun of strategy games God of Axion online is figuring out what tactics you will use, and what a way to find victory. However, for players who are new to this genre, here are some tips to make it easier to get started: 1. Build a temple God of Axion online. This will allow you to create more resources. 2. Build the Tree of Knowledge God of Axion online. New troops, blessings, and buildings - all unlocked with the knowledge, so it's important to start work as soon as possible. The more you update your tree, the more wisdom you will earn. 3. Update Game Harvesters God Axion. You'll always spend the resources to build their empire, and these resources come from the harvesters. The better you upgrade processors, the more resources you earn. God of Axion game can help to update all combines to level 5 before you have to worry about much else (After creating the temple and the Tree of Knowledge, of course). 4. Expand and enhance the island God of Axion game. If you have two of the island, you will have twice as many resources, and twice more options. This will require you to update the Tree of Life to the 5th level in God of Axion online. A good player should be able to do this for 3-4 weeks. 5. Communicate with other players God of Axion game! There are hundreds of players here and win alone is difficult. Follow these steps and you will be lucky in the new heaven God of Axion game!




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