GodsWar Online

Alternative names: Gods War Online

GodsWar Online - multiplayer online role-playing game, free of charge, thanks to which you can move in a mysterious and holds many mysteries world of ancient Greece. All lovers of antiquities and ancient history online game GodsWar Online will love.

Join in the game GodsWar not take much of your time and will be very simple. You need to enter the account name, password to access the game and e-mail address to which you will receive a letter confirming that the registration GodsWar zavershenai is sufficient to start the game.

The first thing that we see in the game - it is a nice cartoon graphics. In general, the game itself and the picture looks very nice, colorful and bright, and makes to stay in the game for a long time.

By the way, GodsWar - game client. And we give below the minimum system requirements for the game: CPU - 1 GHz RAM - 1 GB graphics accelerator card with 256 MB, Windows XP operating system or later, an active connection to the Internet. As you can see, with all its beauty, the game as a whole is not very demanding on the performance of your computer.

Initially, we will need to choose the world in which we play, conquering new heights and taking its rightful place in the pantheon. Is good localization of the game, which was given enough time. Russian language is supported at all, without exception, the game servers. After selection of the world will need to call nm your hero and determine his homeland. Choice can be made between Sparta and Athens. After this, you will need to decide what kind of specialization will have your character.

In general, the editor of the character is very happy, because it worked well, and the number of options for changing the appearance is enough. Even the most demanding players will be able to optimize the appearance of your character so that he looked absolutely unique. GodsWar Online game that amaze lack of any extra items. Nowadays, most of the products of modern gaming industry often oversaturated varied sometimes useless and unnecessary elements of functionality, but this game is a pleasant exception to this trend.

Class system is also implemented in the game as simple as possible, although this does not mean that it is a defect of the game creators. Conversely, classes have a great balance between them, and their number and differences from each other forced to spend hours in thought over what they chose to specialize. All you need to do - is to choose that character for which you want to play, but for the rest you can not survive. Balance game classes - what game GodsWar Online is very proud.

Now a look at the detail of the class represented in the game. Priest - is a healer, support any group and its support. Mag - a connoisseur of ancient scrolls and powerful spells, warrior, wielding the magic. Champion is a warrior at close range, crushing blows his most powerful opponents, but in need of the help of his comrades, because he would have alone difficult.

Many players are surprised by the presence of a built-in game playing bot, which officially allowed the creators of the game. Play the game GodsWar thereby becomes much easier if you're on your occupation is limited in time.

Actually, the interface is made at a decent level, programmers and designers have made sure that all the skills and perform other activities comfortably and play GodsWar was nice. Another major advantage is that absolutely any game menu interface is available for use as a combination of a few keys on your keyboard.

Thus, it is worth noting that the system implemented in the game dungeons just perfect. The only thing to consider is the fact that descend into the dungeon, you can only when you reach the ninetieth level. Hordes of monsters and a huge amount of important and relevant artifacts - thanks to this play in GodsWar you should not ever eat. Well, you already interested? Do not delay, sign up and become a conqueror of the ancient world!


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