Golden Rush

Alternative names: Golden Rush
On his search four teams are sent, in each of three representatives. Whose team will collect more precious metal, that will receive additions to its characteristics.

We are going to the Golden Lands

Starting at Golden Rush to play, you must undergo training, in which you need to get 30 000 coins from gold. Since the tutorial is in a lightweight mode, it's relatively simple, because it's important to introduce you to all the moments of the gameplay. But then hold on - all the forces of a strange ancient world will collapse on you. From the grottoes, caves, all the cracks of the ruins, the ghosts of the former inhabitants of the country will creep up. Once it was a rich and blessed land, inhabited by fairy-tale creatures. They guarded the gold-bearing veins, but once they themselves succumbed to the spells of despicable metal, which destroyed them. Magic blossomed in all its glory, actively manifesting itself against the aliens, disturbing its quiet abode. But not everyone wants to kill a traveler, adventurer. Some creatures are ready to help and cooperate with you.

Staying in this outwardly paradisiacal corner does not seem like a pleasant, carefree walk, because everyone dreams of getting rich, which generates collisions. And to start an odyssey in the world of fantasy, you need a Golden Rush registration.

Who turns you game Golden Rush

Each character has its own role: plastic, lightning and light pursue the goal - they hunt monsters, and the owners of mighty strength and stamina better keep the occupied positions.

Everyone who dared step on the magical land, will change its appearance and itself will turn into an unusual creation, which you can choose yourself:

  • MAG
  • Enumbers
  • Varvara
  • Reading
  • Assassin
  • Paladin
  • Since such characteristics as strength, speed, new lives and other elements are important for the success of the mission, we buy equipment and drugs in the store or get them in combat. And to have the money to buy ammunition, gold coins can be obtained in various ways:

    • Protect certain points on the map Golden Rush iPlayer
    • Destroying in monster camps
    • Search for treasure
    • Control with opponents
    • Recover the golden toad

    The wagon moves slowly and slowly, and does not have any resistance. From its crowded baskets, periodic drops of gold coins fall to the ground, which simply need to be picked up, following on the heels. Or shove her a little bit so she can fork out.

    • Objun by 3 members in 4 teams (total 12 people)
    • Halden Rush is available through the browser
    • Selecting the acting hero
    • We earn gold more than this is your main goal for every mission and the whole game
    • We add equipment and become stronger

    If to characterize the game, then a lot of compliments come up. This is really an interesting, unique project, available completely free of charge. Graphics, special effects, tasks and opportunities - all at the highest level.


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