Gone Home

Alternative names: Gone Home
Game Gone Home - this quest, research, fascinating story game. Gone Home pc is a game studio that developed The Fullbright Company. Gone Home reading charts, you will realize that this game is very fascinating, since it is a mystery that you will reveal. The game takes place in 1995. The main character, a girl named Kathy was about to return home after a year of traveling abroad. Girl on arrival home calls his mother and tells her that they did not meet, as she arrives late and she gets home. But on arrival it expects a lot of surprises. On the street, heavy rain with thunder and lightning, and doors of the house she finds a note from his sister. The note sister apologizes, asks to understand it and not look. Kate comes into the house and discovers that the house is bare. Her family mom, dad and sister disappeared. Gone Home In the play, you will be very interesting, as it is necessary to find out what happened all the same, and where all gone. In this game completely from scratch, you can see the history of a family that has its own mystery. Looking Gone Home video, you can first think that the game is scary and mysterious, but it is not. The huge house is unoccupied, and at first, it seems that there is some sinister secret. But it is not. Actually Gone Home pc very quiet game in which no particular purpose, and there are no indications of tasks, no puzzles. There are only a great mystery and a lot of questions that you're looking for answers. The whole essence of the game Gone Home is home study and observation of history. As for the story, because in this game there are no screen savers, who will explain what is happening. All will become clear during finding various notes and voice messages that you hear while finding important objects. The game's plot gradually brightens, and when the picture begins to slowly gather, you immediately get a great impression of this wonderful and touching stories about love. But love is not simple. This incredible story will affect you deeply. As for the gameplay, it can only be described in one word - study. The entire game Gone Home is walking on a huge, empty house. You can go into different rooms, to consider various things and objects. You will come across all sorts of letters and notes. And throughout this study you will be in pieces, like a puzzle to collect history. A study of the whole house will take approximately two hours. Do not be afraid to get lost in this huge house, because you have a map handy. Some parts of this mysterious house will be closed initially, but to get there you must first go through the other half of the house. The number of parts of small things and the design itself is very impressive. In each room you can touch, twist, to explore almost all objects. You can visit the kitchen, toilet, living room, bedroom, basement and also find secret passages. Game Gone Home almost no puzzles. We need to find a few items that during the game will be marked on the map. Every corner of the house is carefully detailed, clear that the developers have done a great job. Throughout the game you will listen to a calm and relaxing music. Of the minuses can be called a small length of the game (only two hours), and that the whole game is in English (russifiers so far). Game Gone Home voiced a pleasant female voice. If you like games, which are based on the story, then hurry Gone Home download, as this game is for you!

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