Big Farm

Alternative names: Goodgame Big Farm, Big Farm Big Farm

Big Farm - this is an interesting browser-based multiplayer game about the farm. Company Goodgame Studios has created a fascinating story and colorful gameplay, taking care of the interests of gamers. Goodgame Big Farm - this is an opportunity to learn how to run their own agriculture, to become the best farmer of the year, as well as fun to pass the time. I think every other user will have to taste Game Big Farm. In addition, such a toy pull any computer, as the most unpretentious system requirements: Any browser, Internet availability, and, of course, the PC.

before a grand sowing fields and collecting eggs, you need to start to create an account. To do this requires registration in the game Big Farm. With this phrase, as always, do you think that you need to enter a lot of information, pictures and code with confirmation in the mail... No!!! Big Farm registration - this minute process that is necessary to fulfill all three lines:

  • Imya user (login)
  • Adres e pochty
  • Parol

Ostalos click"play once"and you can immediately play in the Big Farm!

Just imagine Eared field, blossoming gardens, watermelon, melon Bashtaev, corrals domestic animals and birds, powerful combines and tractors, windmills, hangars... - And it's all yours, you are the owner of a fortune!!! Catches? Then go ahead, because in this industry can not sit back. Farm very profitable business - but also requires labor.

How useful game Big Farm:

Dlya First you need to learn at least some basics.

  1. land ownership, and thus ownership aktivami
  2. Obschenie partners, restaurants, transactions, holding torgov
  3. Uchastie quests and completing quests and thus develop logic, mental deyatelnost
  4. Obuchenie financial literacy and torgovli
  5. Uchastie competitions, orders and other regular aktsiyah
  6. Sotrudnichestvo and interaction with other igrokami

This will help a cute girl named Tessa Townsend. It tells that the company you had inherited from the old Uncle George. Unfortunately, the years take their toll, and uncle can not support the economy in order. Now you have the opportunity to become prosperous farmers with a profitable business. For farming need funds. Money can be earned in many ways:

  • Perform various quests, for which you get points and podarki
  • Dostigat new level, for which a fee poluchish
  • Mozhno earn money daily igraya
  • Suschestvuyut certain tasks by doing that, you can get zoloto
  • Nu and at worst, you can always buy gold in the shop on site igry

Chtoby farm flourished and generate income, you should promptly sow the fields, watering, destroy pests and weeds, harvest, process it and sell products. To do this, you need to purchase equipment for the agro-processing - tractors, sevalok, harvesters. To build irrigation systems, to have a good harvest. Build hangars, warehouses, mills and cleanup for the processing and storage of products. And of course, hire workers, since you're the one not cope with the daily workload. The same applies to the breeding of domestic animals and birds. We need to feed them, clean, hay, buy the best food, collect eggs. It is necessary to build corrals, farm, separators, milking systems, equipment and also hire people.

Here is another problem - the conclusion of contracts with restaurants, cafes and distribution points to supply your fresh and quality meat, dairy and fruit and vegetable production. Care must be taken, and on the exchange of goods with partners in the market, as well as the purchase of new plant varieties and breeds of pigs, cows, ducks, chickens and rabbits. What else do you expect when you play in the Big Farm, so it's an extension of their possessions, buy new land.

So in the course of the game you get the personnel management skills, an agronomist, financier, learn how to successfully trade and do business!


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