Goodgame Cafe

Alternative names: Goodgame Cafe

Goodgame Cafe online - fun free browser based game that simulates the culinary arts and customer service attending catering establishments. You become a real owner of the cafe, where different people will come with the desire to eat and eat dense. But do not think that all your responsibilities are to ensure that follow the work of the institution. In fact, moreover, that are acting as a director, you are a chef at the same time. This means that the control of cooking will also lie on your shoulders. Goodgame Cafe game is replete with many elements of the game, which is necessary to understand in the course of gameplay. Main features: presence cookbook variety of ingredients for cooking, decorating opportunity cafe decorations in their own way, service users, trips to the market, banquets and more. Bored just do not have time! If you think your cooking elements - go ahead! Game Cafe - this is the place where you can realize your calling!

Join in the game Goodgame Cafe takes very little time. You must enter a screen name, create a password and send to e-mail address. Keep in mind that the registration Goodgame Cafe in itself implies your acceptance of the rules of the project. On the necessary system requirements can be calm. The game is not demanding to resources and you may well be able to enjoy gameplay with average computer configuration. Overview - Internet and modern browser. Pass a training course and start in full force to play Goodgame Cafe!

So you can feel confident in the role of head of the cafe, let's order will deal with important gaming moments. So, following the red arrow and all the instructions, you can quickly get comfortable and feel yourself in a new role as a fish in water. To prepare the food, you need recipes. Established for that cookbook. Clicking it with the mouse, you can find a list of courses and comments to their preparation. And if before the opening of the book, click on an empty plate, and then you can make the right dish. Take care that there were all the right ingredients, a list of which, incidentally, is given at the bottom of each recipe. Ingredients will be stored in the refrigerator and you constantly have to replenish their stocks. Products purchased in the store. To go into it, you must click a basket with food in the lower right corner of the screen. When you discover that the refrigerator is full, it will be better to sell part of the products that they did not spoil the gift. Clicking on the button in the form of a cash register, you sell what you have is in excess.

Want to look presentable and institution was settle in your taste? Please use the section "Interior". Categories such as decor, equipment and quality Extensions will help to transform the cafe. Do permutation comfortable enough. After all, once you start doing this, the people and the workers disappear from the premises. That is to get underfoot, no one will. Once you have made the desired changes, livelihoods cafe will continue successfully. It is worth mentioning that boring piece of furniture is not necessarily discarded. Will be much wiser to sell it to those who need it and get profit.

Play the game online Goodgame Cafe You will continuously watching Rankings luxury. Popularity depends on this indicator. So it is better to try. After the empty cafe is unlikely to bring you joy.

Game Cafe allows arrange soirees, called banquets. It will have to learn to cooperate with other players. Solo pull such an event impossible. Preparation needed for banquet meals effortless several chefs. You can either join the already scheduled someone preparing a banquet or to schedule your own date and find mates. Bodes well for the success fee. You get a certain amount of game currency - kafeyningov. So the effort is not wasted!

A useful place in the game is the market. This is where you can meet other players, chat and even make friends. While anyone with a friendly relationship, you can invite himself to visit and learn from the experience of another owner of a cafe. Believe me, it will be very useful! Achievements of others will be a great incentive for you personally and to redouble efforts to spur in order to outdo the others.

Game Goodgame Café prepared another pleasant surprise - wheel of fortune. It is on the market. Once a day, you are given free to twist it. You can win a variety of prizes. For example, in a cocktail cherry, furniture, "highlights", new recipes, and even gold experience.

Goodgame Cafe Start playing now, to fully enjoy life and virtual public do what he likes. Let all endeavors you luck!


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