Urban War

Alternative names: Urban War

Urban War online - free browser-based strategy MMORPG, the plot of which reflects the real events of the present day. This battle simulator where you have to fight for survival, not just showing cruelty, using such a strong argument as a fist and showing remarkable ingenuity. Starting to play in urban warfare, you can attack other players, make daring robbery passing citizens to participate in mass brawls, visit shops and restaurant and even start their own business. And if you decide to join the clan, then your chances will be even greater. Get at least, for example, exciting territorial battles take part in which you can with your peers. If stormy life to your taste and the idea of ​​creating his brigade did not just come to mind - Urban War browser game created just for you!

Download and install did not have to. You can enjoy exciting adventures right in the browser window. All that is required to be able to enter the game - Urban War record. Of the main system requirements to be installed Adobe Flash Player. The remaining parameters are low, so come down and the average computer configuration. Account creation process is not time consuming. You must choose which side you want to play Urban War. You can become a supporter of the Act, or enter a gang referred to as chaos. After this, enter a game name, email address and password. Now you can press the "Play" and plunge into the maelstrom of mad events.

Since the inhabitants of the town of extraordinary divided into two factions, should better acquainted with them. Legitimate power fights crime, but sometimes they are not opposed to cash in on honest citizens. They also often engaged in racketeering another's business, which itself brings a good income. Criminal gangs Total bother representatives of the law, because for them, assaults and robberies - a usual thing, it's what they breathe. Whoever you become, before seriously can do their business, have to undergo automatic test match. Because of this you are comfortable and understand the principle of the combat system. After that you can start to pump their characteristics and engage in duels with real players.

Success in battle depends not only on luck, but also on factors such as the characteristics of the character. The better pumped health, strength, endurance, agility, reaction - the more chances to defeat the enemy. Also pay attention to the difference in the level of a potential rival. Also watch for such a measure as a supply of energy. Without energy storage impossible to play online Urban War, because you do not ask anyone to attack. Lost energy is recovered over time, but you can speed this process by taking power.

Each victory brings you inherited experience and money. But spend the accumulated funds will be and where, and what. Game TownWars offers access to boutiques and shopping center where you can buy equipment, weapons, clothing, and a wide variety of accessories. Also locate Center has a restaurant where you do not look away as lawyers and criminologists. In addition there is a DIY store, which is located in the Industrial Area locations. Here purchased drawings required for production. All that will get in the store and a boutique with the achievement Level 10 can be improved in the Workshop.

Urban War online game has another feature - business development. At the start of your tent stands with hot dogs. Even if it is small, but still the company and to make a profit to run it. Developing and rich man, you eventually acquire another company, improve what already own, will be able to accelerate the production. There are four levels of retail outlets and after hotdogs followed Souzpechat, juices, water and dumplings. Availability of a business does not depend on what else is on the level.

Finally it is worth to say that Urban Wars game provides activate a list of useful techniques. Techniques acquired in the restaurant for CRP, or extracted at the Institute on the industrial zone. Here are nine techniques that are very useful during the fight: his estimate, Requiem, Blood for Blood, Healing, Counterstrike, Strike a trick sneaky technique Bloodthirsty and Combo.

To assess the potential of the game you can only when zasyadet themselves for gameplay. Try it - and you will love it! Good luck!



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