Gothic 3

Alternative names: Gothic 3

Game Gothic 3 is a computer game in which the action develops after the events of the second part of the Gothic. Actions in the game developed on the mainland Midland. Here you need to choose the party for whom you play, from your choice will depend on the outcome of events.

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Gothic 3 game offers you three options for the passing game:

1) For the Innocent - in this case, you are taking the side of the rebels. Their camps are located across the continent, and they are at war with the orcs. They took their land and their goal to return them.

2) For Beliara - in this case you take the side of the Assassins. It is very rich people. They are considered very good warriors possess different kinds of weapons on their territory are the best arena for combat.

3) For Adanosa - selecting Adonasa, you take the side of the Orcs. In the game Gothic 3 Orcs are a warlike people, who wants to grab all the land. They seek to capture the city after city.


Also in the game Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods have other fractions (minor):

1) Nordmartsy - are residents land Nordmar. They are considered excellent warriors and blacksmiths. Their magical mine captured orcs and they are doing everything possible to get her back. On this site Your character can gain useful knowledge, such as how to forge weapons.

2) Wanderers - a people who inhabit the forests Myrtana. They love nature and hate orcs, who on the way all destroyed. Their leaders are druids who only know the language of nature. Only druids can teach your character magic.

3) Nomads - a people who dwell in the desert. They attack the caravans, mines and slaves have gone assassins.

Before the game you will open or close the different quests, will appear in the voice of solutions of certain actions. And also you will depend on what characters you are friends and which are enemies.


In-Game Gothic 3 weapons manufactured nordmartsy. They either character can learn this skill.

In the computer game Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods territory is divided into three regions:

1) Nordmar - this snowy region with a harsh climate.

2) Varant - it's a hot region, solid desert.

3) Myrtana - this is the most beautiful region nestled in lush greenery all, forests. It is full of beautiful waterfalls and rivers.


In the third part of the game you will find Gothic new combat system. All events will depend only on you. Also you will meet on your way a hundred new characters and see what a huge game world.

You have to perform a huge number of complex and simple quests. Also note that depending on your choice of ending.

Immerse yourself in the incredible world of Gothic 3, which will introduce you to new characters, animals, monsters and send you on an exciting journey.

Discover this world!


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