Granado Espada: Call of Destiny

Alternative names: Granado Espada, Scions of Fate

Today you will journey into a world full of adventures and escapades because Granado Espada: Call of Destiny online game in the spirit of romanticism XVII century. Exciting battle in this game turn into a bloody masquerade. Suppose you are protected from head to toe with metal armor, but also on the fashion of those times you can not keep up. Decorated heroes of the game filling the lush costumes of those times as a camisole or a magnificent lady dress. In the story the player is sent to investigate a newly discovered imaginary continent (in absentia can guess that this is the New World). Along with eye-catching graphics, your hearing will caress classical instrumental music, which only contributes to total immersion into the world of exciting adventures.

For the game Granado Espada: Call of Destiny game client needs, which can be downloaded on the main site Granado Espada. System requirements for the game look like this:

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows Vista

Minimum: Pentium III 1GHz, RAM 512MB, VGA GeForce2 MX400 64MB, DirectX 9. 0C

Optimal: Pentium 4 2 GHz, RAM 1GB, VGA GeForce FX 4Ti / Radeon9000, DirectX 9. 0C.

Without obstacles to plunge into the world of adventure you first need a stable internet connection, any convenient browser and check in the game Granado Espada: Call of Destiny, which will not be difficult to pass. First, in the "Registration" section you need to enter your new game data

1. you must log - think desired name character for whom you play.

2. new gaming password.

Then press the "Enter" and receive a message about the successful connection to the server of the game.

May have to wait for some time if the server is overloaded, because the world Granado Espada already has thousands of fans. So the game Granado Espada: Call of Destiny online requires some time to load. To register Granado Espada: Call of Destiny and all other boot in the game were quickly advised to turn off all the programs on your computer, especially Upload other files from the internet (torrent clients and downloads). Also at the game server a weekly prophylaxis. Determine its activity can be the indicator status of the server that is on the main page of the site - in the upper right corner.

When the connection to the game server Granado Espada online satisfied, you will be prompted to enter the name of your virtual family. This name will be active for all characters that are in the location in your account. Name change requires you to remove all the old characters, so think carefully before choosing.

When registration is complete you embark on an adventure that opens for you online game Granado Espada: Call of Destiny. First game carries you to the barracks. They are the base for your characters. You are building their heroes world Granado Espada and are forming a battle group of three characters. In order to create a new character in the game Granado Espada: Call of Destiny online always press the "Create a character."

Play the game Granado Espada: Call of Destiny online and build your party, you will be out of character classes such as

1. Warrior: endowed with great physical strength. Strong melee armor and thanks can hold out long enough. Therefore it is necessary to use this class to cover the rest of the group, who are attacking from a distance.

2. Musketeer: Firearms specializes in long-destruction, which can be modified.

3. Scout: auxiliary detachment aimed at healing, strengthening allies using potions and weakening enemies traps.

4. Mag: focused on the application of massive damage spells from a distance under the guise of allies. Can spend spell "levitation" and become invulnerable to melee.

5. Elementalist: versatile magician who driving elements may apply massive damage, as well as inducing protective spells on allied troops. Disadvantage - very weak defense.

As you can see, each class has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Online game Granado Espada provides for you to choose the name and sex of the character. First, you can only create one character, but after going through some simple training missions you create a few more. The longer you play the game online Granado Espada: Call of Destiny, the more new characters with unique abilities, weapons and original appearance, you can create in your barracks.

After you create your first character turn it into the squad. Now fit to play Granado Espada: Call of Destiny. To view the ammunition your character, click "View equipment." For each class in the game view your actual ammunition. For Musketeers basic firearm, for a warrior - swords and armor. Equipment can get in fights with monsters or bought with money.

The best way to make money in this game after major battles triple sell your unwanted artifacts on the market. So try to spend carefully sweep treasures after the fight and carry more. Let the majority of these items have come in handy, but they can profitably sell.

In the cities you will find different merchants who have their own narrow specialization

1. Merchant firearms - is on sale pistols, rifles, bullets and ammunition for the Musketeers.

2. Arms Dealer - sells weapons to soldiers swords, armor, helmets, etc.

3. Merchant magical tools - has products for magicians and Elementalists: magic wands, amulets, and so the scope

4. Merchant tools - sells potions to replenish health and mana. Also sells shells and other items used by the characters.

5. Blacksmith - weapons and armor during battles wear out, so they need repair.

In Granado Espada: Call of Destiny playing fun and not boring. You will take part in the exciting adventures that you created as a part of the family - a three-man squad. The main challenge in creating a family is to ensure its universality. That is, each member of your family should be complementary to the detachment of their relatives. Manage such detachment is very simple. You control only one playable character and have the opportunity to switch to the other, and the remaining members of the squad follow you.

Adventures and adventure in the spirit of Romanticism, which gives the game Granado Espada: Call of Destiny, are waiting for you.


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