Grand Theft Auto 4

Alternative names: Grand Theft Auto 4

Almost every game released under the high-sounding title GTA, managed to become a legend in his own genre. Interesting stories, great mission, exciting adventure protagonists and many kinds of nuances and elements that you only need to see with their own eyes and feel personally. All this perfectly embodies and Grand Theft Auto 4 pc. This project has managed to become special for all citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Beloursi, because the main game soundtracks recorded famous rapper Seryoga. Yes, it is in GTA 4 your character will be able to travel around the city, listening to the music of "domestic production" - pleasant enough, is not it?

Grand Theft Auto IV - a game that will tell you the story of Liberty City. The protagonist Niko heard plenty of stories of his brother, sincerely believed in the real American dream. Needless to say, perhaps, about what was his disappointment when he came face to face with the real problems, sitting behind the wheel of a taxi unpretentious, instead of the promised posh Ferrari, and rented a small flatlet "meter on" was the same " luxury villa. " However, as presented in the rest of the line games, GTA 4 shows us the nature of - courageous protagonists do not break down at the sight of the dangers they are willing to go through for the sake of justice and victory. Know the game GTA 4 to play a force all night, one after another, overcoming new and new missions.

Project has been somewhat modified in comparison with its predecessors: the streets disappeared bikes and cars on the radio bombs. Bright and vibrant colors have faded, but the graphics have become more clear, plausible. All changes have benefited the project - it is in any case not become boring or uninteresting.

Game Grand Theft Auto 4 continues the good tradition - sparkling humor is present very often, developers exquisitely teasing the most famous brands and trademarks. Despite the fact that the protagonist of the project - a heartless killer, look at him pleasantly. Charisma and nerves of steel Nico simply riveting attention to themselves. Even afford to draw a parallel between Nico Bellyache and Danila Bagrov.

To start the game, you will need to, first of all, download Grand Theft Auto 4. Quickly and easily do that will help any torrent tracker. Once you are able to join the project, you will be pleasantly amazed at his thoughtful lyrics and great voice acting cool. Mixed in with the gameplay the player demonstrates videos, which in this game is neither more nor less arrived at eight o'clock.

Such as GTA IV, the game will always be popular. They are quality and interesting - what you need to any gamer. Hurry rather try your luck at the expanse of Liberty City! Enjoy gameplay for yourself and recommend to your friends! More details are presented in the video trailers for the game.


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