Grand Voyage

Alternative names: Grand Voyage

Game Grand Voyage - free browser-based multiplayer role-playing strategy medieval theme with a third person. Project developer - the company Ngames. Creators offer users transported into a fantasy world and go on exciting voyages, as well as to engage in trade and to withstand the fierce competition among the same as you are hungry and rapid wealth merchants. And yet to repeatedly engage in fights, because there are many scoundrels who want to take away your good. Medieval times were generally restless and you should take this into account when starting to play Grand Voyage. Pirates will not be here, but the war between trade opponents no less fierce. You should thoroughly prepare for battle, but it needs to develop its fleet. Initially you will have a primitive boat, but eventually become wield huge trading fleet. If you are attracted to games of similar subjects, you will be delighted by Grand Voyage online. In addition to sound economic component of the project has a lot of advantages. This beautiful graphics, eye pleasing, and opportunities that are available to players, and dynamically changing prices on the market, and a huge number of jobs for which account for a good loaf.

All you need to go back to the era of the late Renaissance - it is usual Grand Voyage registration. You spend just a few minutes to fill out a special form, and then be able to join the gaming community and to undertake urgent business, which immediately pounce whole bunch. Navy plays an important role, namely that in which state it is. To your fleet was boesposoben you must constantly develop it, to teach, to expand. Ships can create your own. A huge selection of models. Catching the construction of another ship, it is worth remembering reliable weapons. Yes, in the beginning you just captain, one of many in this world. But there is every chance of becoming a legendary personality and fame for their achievements.

Focus on trading operations. That trade is central to your life. While this process can be quite hazardous. Market prices are formed by the players themselves. In your power to influence the situation. Fight for trade value continues throughout gameplay. If you learn how to get their competitors, success and progress are provided. With each new level to play the game Grand Voyage become interesting. And when it comes time to start trading guilds, and does feel like a man standing firmly on his feet in this uncompromising world.

Become an Ace of trade issues, to defend their interests in heated battles, make career rapidly and quickly - and let languish envious impotent rage! Free Grand Voyage gives gamers a sea of ​​joy. Try to brighten up your leisure time entertainment, and this is make yourself!




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