Gray Matter. Ghosts of the unconscious

Alternative names: Gray Matter. Ghosts of the unconscious

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon 1. 4 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Video: 128 MB

Disk Space: 5. 5 GB

Gray Matter. Ghosts of the unconscious - a mystical quest, the author of the script which became known in the gaming world a person who is known for his work on another popular TV series in the style of adventure Gabriel Knight. Game Gray Matter. Ghosts of the unconscious uses tried and tested system with two main characters, each of them will have its own characteristics, their vision of the world that will help you more than once in the next clue puzzles.

The game's plot

The plot of the story, narrated in the game Gray Matter, does not differ a great originality. Certain person, moved to another country, in a completely different city to find work. Abrupt change of environment and sending the protagonist in unfamiliar surroundings is nothing new, but the most interesting start on. Driven by a dream to get into a true Mecca of all magicians of the world, London "Club Dedalus" protagonist Sam Everett and coming to Albion, but a series of seemingly random events leads her into a completely different place, namely the University of Oxford. Acquainted with a young lady who came in for an interview to one of the most famous university professors to get to the post of his assistant, Sam could not even imagine how events turn on for her. Young contender, at the last moment not withstanding voltage and hastily retired professor from the cabinet, leaving Sam as the only soiskatelnitsy for the post, and she was not planning on getting. Without renouncing the happy accident to get a job on the first day of his stay in London, Sam took a gift of fate, and with it the first order of Professor - find six volunteers for some tests. But all who have heard the name neuroscientist Stiles, fled in different directions, and it was impossible to lure even decent cash bonuses. What lies behind research professor of neurobiology and invites you to find out the game Gray Matter.


The main heroine of the story Gray Matter. Ghosts of the unconscious, of course, Samantha Everett, a magician who came to London with one goal, to get into the inner sanctum of illusionists and magicians of all the world "Club Daedalus." Even the fact that she was involved in the investigation of strange activity professor of neurobiology at the local university, who worked under the guise of something unimaginable experiments, does not stop it from its direct purpose for which it actually came to the UK capital. Character from the creators of the game Gray Matter failed more than charismatic and you do not just hear sarcastic and succinct commentary on subjects act and just thinking of the young girl. The other character who provides our court game Gray Matter. Ghosts of the unconscious, Dr. Stiles, fascinated by some sinister experiments on the brain, no less interesting, his observations and logical reasoning on the border between reason and madness, not just serious surprise, and some may amuse. All the time the game Gray Matter will keep you in the dark before the next turn of events, and you will experience the strength of challenging puzzles and huge survey locations in search of the necessary items, but the most patient and persistent, will be awarded on merit unexpected plot twists and dizzying ending.


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