Grepolis - Ancient Greece

Alternative names: Grepolis, gripolis, Ancient Greece

Grepolis online game - is a browser strategy, all of which takes place in ancient Greece. In those days when a good location was key to the Olympian gods of good luck and prosperity, when the heroes of antiquity performed great deeds, you will be given the reins of a small Greek village. Play Grepolis will be interesting. You start with a small town, but it is in your power to make him a mighty power.

To play the game Grepolis need to pass a free registration. Register online game Grepolis does not take much time. But after a few minutes you will become sole ruler of a small town, who needs your help!

First registration you will be given the choice of servers, each of which has its limitations. So, the server Mu, has a limit of 150 players in the alliance. This server uses a new combat system. Kappa server offers higher speed of the game, but the size limit is 100 Alliance players. Selecting a server depends on the options for acquiring gaming experience - participation in PvP-battles or play at the highest difficulty level.

Grepolis online In your main task will be the development and transformation of this small village in the rich policy that its greatness would not concede even Athens and Mykonos. To turn your town into a powerful empire, you have to take care about the economic situation in your village, build an army of militant and navy, which are needed for the conquest of new territories - the nearest island neighbors.

Dive into the amazing world of ancient Greece, meaning you will feel all the favor of the Olympian gods and mythical creatures participation.

The first step that you have to do will be the organization of production resources to ensure your village groceries and building materials. In the online game Grepolis basic resources are wood, stone and silver. For the extraction of these resources to build a sawmill, quarry and silver mines. Another way of resource extraction - plunder other villages. To use the resources you will be for the construction of buildings in the city needed to raise living standards.

However, the main resource is the mercy of the gods. Each city has its own patron deity, which may, as inhabitants bestow their favor, and pick her up. Your patron may be Athena - Goddess of War, Poseidon - god of the sea, Hera - the wife of Zeus, Hades - god of the underworld, or even the majestic Zeus - chief among all the gods of Olympus. With the gods favor you can call for help of various mythical creatures. This can be Centaurs or Cyclops, Hydra or the Minotaur, and many others.

In order to worship and offer gifts to their god is necessary to build temples. From choosing your divine patron depends what area of ​​luck will accompany you more. Poseidon, for example, is able to bestow upon you the favor in sea battles, and Athena protects the city from natural disasters - earthquakes and lightning.

In this strategy, your possessions are not limited to one city. You'll be able to establish new city, protecting them from their enemies. Also you can conquer other territories and conducting wars on land and at sea.

Particular attention should be paid to the development of your troops. Before the war you need to figure out all the strategic strengths and weaknesses well weigh the balance of forces. To see the most likely scenario in the war, you can use the simulator battle. But do not forget - there is a real battle of luck and the balance is not always on your side bow.

Also, it is very important to send their spies to explore the cities enemies to know about the size of the enemy troops and military plans of the enemy.

Also important is the development of the fleet. Greece - naval power, where a large number of battles take place on the high seas. In addition, well-trained fleet and need for trade. At your disposal will be provided with high-speed bireme and trireme, "fire ships" and proven transport ships.


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