Alternative names: Grimlands

Grimlands online - client fantasy game, which is a first-person shooter, which the unfolding events in the world postapokapsticheskom. In the story of the game covered disaster mankind as a devastating earthquake. Those who are lucky or not lucky enough (yet unknown! ) Survive, forced to adapt to new conditions of life radically different from the previous ones. All the usual people left only in the memories. Now their thoughts confined to how not to lose in the struggle for existence and to obtain the necessary resources. In addition, all complicated by the fact that in the new world teeming with different mutants, creatures and insane criminal gangs. Yawn indeed once! Dear players, armed to the teeth, buy a reliable transport - and more! You will be able to show everyone what they are capable!

Play game Grimlands will be after downloading and installing the client. But this precedes Grimlands registration. To create an account on the official website of the game, you need to fill in the special form, providing the following information: user name, email address, password. Also check in the game involves Grimlands newsletter sign-up and acceptance of the User Agreement. Another important point that should not be ignored in its quest to quickly plunge into the exciting adventures - it is a necessary system requirements for gameplay. Your computer must meet the following parameters:

- Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7;

- CPU Intel / AMD dual-core 2. 0 GHz;

- Video GeForce8600 GT 256MB / ATI (AMD) Radeon X1950 256MB;


- Free space on the hard drive 6 GB.

So, getting into an unknown world of the future, you need to know than have to deal with. First, we should say that you have the right to choose for themselves the profession. Grimlands game offers such a profession as a robber, a gunsmith, a butcher, engineer. What line will develop depends on yourself and your preferences. Secondly, you need to understand that weapons and vehicles should be improved and modified to ensure that the items are in your possession were really effective. Transport is divided into two main types: Humvee and sensor. And here is how to stuff them - taking care of each individual player. Relatively affordable weapon choice really wide. You will play in Grimlands, and using rifles and pistols, machine guns and rifles and revolvers, and machetes type Nozhov, machetes, brass knuckles, baseball bats. Third, you must not lose sight of the fact that the acquired skills require constant replenishment. If you stop using any skill level it drops significantly, and, conversely, those skills that use most often, will constantly evolve. And fourth - this, of course, the constant part in battles with other players clash with vile mutants combating dangerous actors norovyaschie gotten away vitally acquired. PvP system with its variety. Battles take place in absolutely all locations. And if you seem a little thrill - down into the dark dungeons. But note that there have oh how hard times!

Every health requires the presence of certain materials. Without the resources better sit and never rock the boat. Take care of all the necessary presence is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. After tons of stuff around, among which will be able to retrieve and glass, metals, electronic scrap, plastics, bio-waste.

Grimlands you can play and as part of a clan. There are certain aspects which require coordinated team action. This, for example, construction or protection of important objects. And it's not the only benefit from the creation of alliances. Together will actually be easier to hold on to such a harsh world, obtain the resources necessary to destroy hordes of mutants.

If you try to briefly list the advantages Grimlands online, then the dynamics of the events, great crafting system, an elaborate system of skills, modification times and transport weapons. Join quickly to the virtual community and vote themselves a product of pluses Drago Entertainment. Do not be afraid of disappointment, before you worthy project! Enjoy your health!


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