GTA: Vice City

Alternative names: GTA: Vice City

Legendary game GTA: Vice City - a quarter of the project official Grand Theft Auto. To date, the game is available for both consoles and computers. As the developer of the project were the undisputed Rockstar North. The first official presentation of the game took place in 2002, however, to this day it remains the standard to follow for many of today's developers. Those gamers who are attracted Vice City immediately after entering the "white light", admire her to this day. Young players will also attend to the project.

GTA: Vice City PC - a great game, made in the action adventure genre, which includes some elements of third-person shooter. Explicit distinctive feature line - perfectly realized car simulator - control the machines of the game - a pleasure. Simple and affordable management game can easily learn both growns and children. The new part of the project is a logical continuation of its predecessors. Just as once (unless you're already familiar with at least one part of the GTA), you have to perform tasks that are contrary to the word of the law and bordering on crime. You will receive tasks from different characters, you encountered in the course of gameplay.

To the game started, first of all, you will need to GTA: Vice City download. Since this part of the project has been rightly be considered a veteran geymerskogo art, its system requirements satisfy absolutely all modern computers and laptops. Going into the game, you will meet with the old new town called Vice City. Yes, now you have in GTA: Vice City to play, traveling across the expanses of the city's commercials 80s. According to tradition, for your hero game begins with problems. Sonny Forelli is about to arrive, and he once borrowed amount of money yet not even started to gather.

Game GTA: VC somewhat modified compared to its predecessors. Separate parts of the city have increased significantly. At least, they look much bigger than a favorite of gamers in Liberty City. Developers also decided to change the weapons and arsenal - in the game, new pistols, submachine guns and countless variety of items household inventory.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and changed the traditional fleet. Appreciate the innovations can fans of two-wheelers - the project will once again be moving on mopeds and motorcycles whose management deserves the highest praise.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, now GTA format support mp3, so those who would not like day and night play under the "dashing 80", will be able to create your own playlist. In addition, the developers have managed to add to the project a huge number of small innovations and improvements, while retaining the plot and gameplay at the proper level. To familiarize themselves with the features of the game, you can look to the GTA: Vice City video trailer.


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