Alternative names: Guacamelee
Guacamelee game that gained the attention of many users. This game - this platform video game developed and published by Drinkbox Studios. The game was released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in April 2013, and was later developed for Microsoft Windows in August 2013, and OS X and Linux in February 2014. Enhanced Edition will be released on Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 in spring 2014. The game borrows its inspiration from traditional Mexican culture and folklore. Game download Guacamelee you have the opportunity to the official site or from any other that provides this access. Download game Guacamelee grown users only for persons who have not attained the age of majority, to access the game is closed. Before the game, you can watch a video about the game Guacamelee. In the videos, and represents the brightest moments of the main game. Game Guacamelee review will reveal the most basic points: the game's story, gameplay, and the main game moments. In the game you play Guacamelee in a small village in Mexico The game is the protagonist Juan. He humble farmer, who is in love with the daughter of the president, who is called El. When an evil character named Carlos Calaca attacking the village and kidnaps the president's daughter - El Juan tries to stop him and send him to the country of the dead. There, a mysterious character named Don Juan Tostado finds a mysterious mask that transforms it into a powerful character, which sends it back to the living world. Currently Juan to stop Carlos, who wants to hurt El, will allow him to control the worlds of the living and the dead. Juan goes to the aid of his beloved and enter into a long and bitter relationship with evil. Crusade protagonist breaks early in the game on a very tragic moment. Enemy very quickly crushes with his simple village adversary. Nevertheless, otherworldly forces for some reason Juan grant a second chance. And do not just give him a chance, and endow him with the ability to move between the two worlds, the world of the living and the world of the dead. At first feature Guacamelee looks like unusual ways to diversify the gameplay simple game. Moving between the two worlds touch occurs during the main character to the unusual luminous balls that are in different locations maps. Many enemies, who are in a parallel dimension, can not be subject to attacks, but, nevertheless, they can easily, encroach upon the life of the protagonist. Consequently, because of this, before attacking skeletons, you will need to activate the scope. All of this occurs within the first forty minutes. The game will be added Guacamelee new enemies that you will add a lot of problems and more new emotions. You will certainly have to deal with all enemies, to know the world and win all the battles of the battle. Dive into this incredible world! Treat yourself to a sea of ​​emotions!

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