Guild Wars

Alternative names: Guild Wars

Game Guild Wars is a free multiplayer online role-playing game. This game was developed in fantasy style. Free Guild Wars, because it is completely absent subscriber fee.

For the game Guild Wars Russian version has not yet been developed, but maybe soon you can see the interface of the game Guild Wars in Russian.

Guild Wars computer game you can download it on any web site that provides this access. Note that you can download for free GW also via torrent.


Before you start playing Guild Wars, check whether your computer meets the system requirements for the game:

1) 800 MHz - Processor.

2) 256 MB - RAM.

3) 3 GB - HDD.


In-Game Guild Wars you play on different game locations. Some of these are described below:

1) Basic gaming space - is the main space. It includes the island battles.

2) Game Space Prophecies - it predkatastrofny Ascalon and the continent called Tyria.

3) Game Space Factions - a continent called Kant.

4) Game Space Nightfall - it includes Elona continent and Human suffering.


In-Game Guild Wars character is the main characteristic of his profession. In this game you can choose your character to the following professions:

1) Base profession - they are basic and may be selected for every group. This group includes: Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Elementalist, Mesmer and.

2) Professions Factions - may be the main (primary) only those characters who started the game in Factions. Data professions include: Assassin and Ritualist.

3) Professions Nightfall - these professions can be major (major), only characters who started the game in Nightfall. Data professions include: Dervish and Paragon.

In every profession there are four or five attributes.

In-Game Guild Wars professions a character can be several reasons: major and minor. From the main profession much depends: appearance of the character, his clothes, runes, which are available to him and others


Also in the game Guild Wars character has other characteristics:

1)                           Experience - an indicator of success or skills to be developed throughout the game

2)                           Level - a measure that gives the character after a certain number dialed experience.

3)                           Hit Points - show how healthy your character. Points can be removed, if your character is damaged in battle. In the early game health is 100.

4)                           Points of energy - are restored automatically used during different actions.

5)                           Skill point - it points for which you can buy skills from teachers. Skill-points you get for the mission.

6)                           Points attributes - you get them over the levels and some quests.


GW game is rich with features and capabilities unique character quests. Learn the rules of the game Guild Wars, before starting to play it.


Immerse yourself in this incredible world of battles and confrontations. Lead your side to victory, showing that you are a true leader.


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