Gunz 2

Alternative names: Gunz 2

Gunz Game 2 - a continuation of interesting computer game. It is the second part of the famous Korean exciting game Gunz.


Gunz 2 is an exciting online browser-based game, which is a powerful physics engine for the game-style shooter, which is not present in any other game of this style.


Since 2 Gunz Online considered browser game, you need the most focus their attention on access to the Internet. To this game worked well, check your package configuration that you purchased when you connect the Internet. For this game, the speed of the Internet must conform to 100 Mbps.


If, however, on the issue you are experiencing problems, then direct attention to the capacity of the computer. Parameters must not be less than those described here:

1. Memory (RAM): 1 GB.

2. Processor: Intel Dual Core (2. 0 GB)

3. Video card: GeForce 6600

4. Hard disk drive (Vinchestr): at least 3 GB.


In Gunz 2 registration does not present any differences on the ability to register on another site. You to register in the game Gunz 2 to write the following information in a special form:

1. Your user name.

2. Password required to protect your account.

3. Your e-mailbox.


These are the main points that are asked on the site. At the moment there is no possibility to register, but you can try to register through the popular social networks - Twitter and Facebook.


Play Gunz 2 you will, recognizing the following information about the game:

- The class game mode, which provides a variety of skills and productivity with multiple classes of weapons, so you can build and enhance the character of the style to create for themselves the original gameplay.

- You can experience pleasure from the fact that your character can implement more complex acrobatic jumps and jump to where you just want.

- This game has a light level control.

- The extent to various tricks Gunz 2 is much higher than the versions that came before.

- This game uses the extremal functions.

- The extensive number of weapons - two types.


In Gunz 2 play you will, fighting with evil companies, which are under the control of subordinates, with abilities that are not available to ordinary people. These creatures are no good and they pritamanno vanity.


You can not worry if you just started playing style - a shooter. This game is so simple that it requires no explanation.


To date, this game is not out in the operation. Release date planned for late 2013. Besides, it is not known whether the game Gunz 2 is written in Russian.


Gunz 2 Online - is an exciting game that many people are already waiting for seven years. And this expectation should meet the expectations. Soon you will experience pleasure. We hope you have the patience to wait for the game Gunz 2 and that the game certainly will win the attention of every advanced gamer and just curious player.



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