Gwent The Witcher Card Game

Alternative names: Gwent The Witcher Card Game
The Witcher. Card game - since the single-player role-playing game"Vedmak 3: Wild Hunt"came out in 2015, thousands of players were imbued with the adventures of the charismatic witch Geralt. Many especially liked the card game built into the main plot and, as they say, according to the"numerous requests of the working people", it was decided to publish it in a separate project. Now the game is GUINT: The Witcher. The card game was finally available in 2017 and continues to develop. Available on platforms:

  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • PlayStation 4

The battle does not abate.

If to play the game GUINT: The Witcher. A card game, it can be seen that it resembles a preference or bridge. The game process is reduced to the fact that the participants, and they can be 2 to 2, collect an ideal combination of cards, symbolizing the army, which is fighting on the real battlefield. There are warriors of the foreground, long lines and archers. Although the style of the game has not changed much, the design of the image has improved significantly.

There are five fractions, and each of them has its own character:

  • Nolfgaard for the sake of disrupting the enemy's plans go to any tricks, include a regime of diplomacy, just to impose their own conditions. Meanwhile, their spies penetrate into the rear of the enemy, finding out a combination of cards.
  • Chounds are creepy creatures, ready to devour even their kindred if it increases their strength.
  • Skoy thaely are agile, like to arrange ambushes and guerrillas. The cards played upside down will be opened only after the trap is closed.
  • Skelling in death see special honor, courage and strength. Sometimes they purposely send to discharge their own soldiers, knowing that after the call back they will become even stronger.
  • Northern Kingdom keeps everything under control. And it's worth the cards become gold, as they are invulnerable to enemy spells.

To collect a strong pack, you need to select 30 cards, paying attention to their characteristics and what fraction they are from.

Already now you can download GWINT: The Witcher. Card game is free, and join the number of enthusiastic players. On your hands you are given 10 cards, and completely random. Even before the battle begins, three of the received cards can be exchanged. In addition to soldiers of various types, there is also a leader in the army, among whom his special talents stand out. There are also cards capable of exerting an amplifying or vice versa on the environment. Skillfully applying them, make an excellent combination, capable of penetrating any defense of the enemy. Participants of the fight must go through three rounds, and after each the winner is identified after scoring the points of the collected cards. In the second round, you can additionally get two cards, and in the third one, only one, so you should think carefully about how best to apply them.

If you return to the comparative characteristic of Gwynth in Wild Hunt and in this game, you can see that the units have additional qualities, and the properties of factions and leaders have also undergone changes. Along with the usual maps, additional ones have appeared, not only for characters, but also for phenomena. For example, with the help of epidemics it is possible to destroy the weakest enemies.

GWINT: The Witcher. A card game can be played with real players and go to the tournament to compete in the ranking match. In the latter case, you get fame and titles, of course, only in case you show a good result.

The Witcher. The card game is endowed with the main feature of this gambling fun with the ability to set up opponents' traps, bluff and act with cunning.


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