Alternative names: Half-Life, Half Life, Halfa

Game Half Life - is a game of first-person shooter style. It is free.

Game Half Life - is the most popular sci-fi shooter genre which achieved success million.

In Half-Life is not divided into the passage of a separate mission, and is passing on the locations, focusing on the map.


Half-Life to play, maybe if your laptop or computer meets the following system requirements:

1) Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT 4. 0;

2) Processor: 133 MHz

3) Memory: 24 MB.

Therefore, based on these requirements, it may be noted that the game Half Life will go on very feeble computer.


Play Half-Life for free, you can, if you can download it free from the server - from the site where possible free download games.

To download Half-Life, you must:

Login to your browser.

A key expression: "Half-Life download free" or "download Half Life."

Finder will give you plenty of sites where you can do it.

Also a simple way to download the game Half-Life have download it via torrent.


Cheats Half-Life is the protection from enemies and attack them. In Half Life player constantly interacts with the outside world.

Cheats Half Life is to work together with our allies, against their opponents. Such allies and enemies you can meet

Aliens. Are enemies, they came from the world of Zen. They have a laser gun.

U.S. Army division. These include murderers, professional soldiers and special forces.

Ordinary people - citizens. They provide support and have access to indoors.


Game Halfa rich in a variety of weapons, including:

Crowbar - melee weapon.

Glock 17 - the gun is a firearm.

Colt Python - famous revolver.

MP5 - it is a submachine gun that has a grenade launcher.

Franchi SPAS-12 - an indispensable shotgun.

Crossbow - replaces sniper weapon with a telescopic sight.

Biological gun - a weapon aliens.

Tau cannon - a powerful weapon that is Freeman.

Gyuonnaya gun - a second weapon razdobytoe Freeman.


Play Half Life and you can network, some features of this regime change. Basically the power of weapons has been increased.

History of Half Life consists of nineteen chapters. In each character must pass various tests. The title of each chapter briefly reveals events that occur with Gordon Freeman.

This game has received numerous awards and positive reviews. Those who love this style of play will not regret your time spent on it. This game you will surely be interested in and involve your world Half Life.

In addition, for pets Half Life, there is news is a second version of this game, which is full of new updates and new adventures.

Do not regret your time, relax with the game Half Life and get a lot of fun!



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