Halo Online

Alternative names: Halo Online

Game series of computer games Halo first appeared in 2001 for the Xbox game console, the game immediately won a huge number of fans and can be compared in the genre only with the legendary star wars. All games are one story that has its development of the first trilogy created by Bungie Studios, the second trilogy from the company 343 Industries and the fourth single game. Just for the last game of Halo 4, Microsoft and Innova Co. FROM. à r. L. Release a multiplayer online version of Halo Online. In order to get acquainted with the legendary games, you can download the game Halo, and try yourself as a super Spartan.

Game Halo on the PC, this is a shooter in which, playing from the first person, the player enters into battles with the enemies of the human race covenants. Starting to play the online version, the gamer immediately recognizes the cult game, which is created according to the canons of its predecessors, these are self-healing shields and close fights. Novelties will be character classes, and their weapons depend on the chosen role.

New for the players will be the opportunity to play a team with online friends super soldiers Spartans in the role:

  • Sturmovik
  • Sniper
  • Tactics

Each character has its advantages and disadvantages, they are useful in different tactics of combat.

Tactics of the game HALO

The player, entering the world of adventures of Halo, receives a Spartan with starting equipment, as the levels pass, it becomes possible to pump his hero. Each class of heroes is pumped separately and each character has his own set of weapons, skills and equipment. The choice of the character depends on the player's preferences and the tactics chosen:

  • Sturmovik - fast, agile and not badly armored, ideal for close combat;
  • Sniper - for fans of warfare at a distance from an ambush. It can be perfectly disguised, but it is practically not protected.
  • Tactician - super fighter, with light weapons, maneuverable and its main advantage is the regeneration of health. Ideal for team combat, as it restores not only your health, but also brothers in arms. With the help of a Spartan tactic, you can arrange endless diversions for the enemy.

The mode in game two is an arena, this is not a large map, on which the player fights for himself and team play. Command game allows combat operations from 4 to 16 players on a large battle area.

Weapons depend on the purpose of the hero, there is also the famous needle that shoots crystals, they explode simultaneously after hitting the target, rifles, shotguns, a gravity hammer and much more. More than two types of weapons to take with you to the task can not, so it is worth thinking about the choice. In the best traditions of the genre the most powerful weapons can be found on the location and pick up, rather than come with him into battle.

Developers have provided for the availability of a variety of equipment, it gives a huge advantage, both in armament and in armor. In the game you can master a tank, a helicopter, a ghost ship and of course a chopper.

As the game progresses, there are different tasks that should not be ignored, they suggest improving the skills of Spartans in possession of weapons and equipment. Passing assignments, the player earns reputation points that allow unlocking a new powerful weapon.

Today, the game Halo online buy can participate in beta testing, which gives a number of advantages - nickname reservation, a pioneer's weapon, an open box with ammunition for a certain time, but the main plus of the participant is to see the new game first and experience it.


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