Harvest Land

Alternative names: Harvest land

Game Harvest Land in the vastness of the native country.

Developers of mobile and computer games studio MysteryTag came up with a great idea to create a game with a patriotic bias. Harvest Land, this is the original farm simulator, where Ukrainians, Russians, Byelorussians and other representatives of the Slavic people live. The toy looks bright and smart, which pleases the look. If you are a little tired of farms with exotic plants and animals, zombies and other mystical creatures, try the Slavs: Farm download. This will bring a fresh stream of emotions, which is so appreciated by any gamer.

The game is distributed for free, but it has become a tradition to introduce paid content to encourage users to accelerate processes for real money. Although this is not necessary, but sometimes without funding, it is rather difficult to move forward. If the phone does not have space, but the toy is interested, you can download the Slavs: Farm on the computer. Or as an option, put it on both devices, and develop two farms at once.

We harvest a rich harvest.

Before you classic version of the genre:

  • Complete tasks

As you can see, the game Harvest Land went along the beaten path, but it did not become less interesting.

  • Plant different fields and harvest
  • Extend the territory for new beds
  • Run the animals
  • Build buildings and improve them
  • Packing goods
  • Relay with other participants of the game
  • See on trade
  • Of course, there is a zest in it and what makes it original.

. Because the theme is taken from the Slavic way of life, the assortment of grown products is marked by wheat, apples, corn, tomatoes and so on. Animals are also quite recognizable and native to every inhabitant of the village are cows, chickens, pigs. As you harvest crops and livestock products, you have to put them somewhere. For this, there is no better place to be found than a barn, but it can not accommodate everything. As a good host, you should think about expanding it, and for this you need materials and tools.

Here, the developers and took care, so that players are more actively spread their money. Although the barn is growing with your efforts, but very little, and for the next expansion you need even more materials. To save them, it takes a lot of effort and time, but if you deposit a certain amount on the account, it quickly solves the problem. How to proceed, everyone decides for himself.

Slavs: The farm game is perfectly balanced and will please the whole family, so you can arrange a small competition who will make progress faster under equal conditions. It is especially interesting to play without using heavy artillery, that is, paying for your actions. It is possible to get the necessary resources yourself. They are given out for achievements, come across in beds when harvesting, if you treat birds, rabbits and other living things with sunflower seeds and other delicacies. Sometimes they can be found during the clearing of the territory from stones, bushes, grass and trees. Thus, you get valuable material for new buildings.

So there will be no place left, but it is necessary to develop further. The game Harvest Land offers the services of two brave warriors who will deal with a huge troll, opening the way to new lands. It will also be necessary to periodically fight insect pests and wild animals, and also carry out errands for the time given by emissaries from other lands (gold coins and valuable experience), and trade with neighbors. To deal with this, build houses, and residents will be settled there, and these are additional workers' hands.


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