Heartnstone: Heroes of-Warcraft

Alternative names: Hartstoun, Hartstoun, Hartstoun, HS, HS

game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - a collectible card game based on Blizzard universe. The game is no longer much is not enough for two years and during that time she managed to conquer millions of players around the world. Annually, there are championships as a world-class, and local. 1 million - Blizzard official prize fund of the championship. dollars. Agree not a small amount!

V Hartstoun you start playing your way to learning that will bring you up to date and will show the basics of the game. You'll play as a mage, and join the fight with other heroes of the game, there are only nine:

  • Anduin - Priest - Restores 2 units zdorovya
  • Garrosh - warrior - 2 units broni
  • Eti battle will show you all the major card characters and their abilities, as well as passing them you will get a small prize of 300 coins.

    • Valira - Killer - weapons 1/2
    • Dzhayna - the magician - attack damage by 1 every personazha
    • Malfurion - druid - the power of the hero with the attack and armor 1/1
    • Gul'Dan - Warlock - spends 2 health units and takes one card from kolody
    • Uter - Paladin - encourages novice 1/1
    • Trall - Shaman - calls on one of the four standard totemov
    • Reksar - Hunter - inflicts 2 units urona
    • V Hartstoun game Heroes of Warcraft sold more than 300 cards with different features and capabilities. Maps bvayut four types:

      • boevoy cry - triggered when the map is laid out on stol
      • voodushevlenie - triggered using force geroya
      • predsmetrny rattle - triggered after the destruction karty
      • provokatsiya - attacked first card with this ability (protection character)
      • bozhestvenny shield - the first attack does not harm suschestvu

      HS Heroes of Warcraft - a strategic and tactical game.

      • obschie (White kristalik map)
      • redkie (kristalik blue on the map)
      • epicheskie (purple kristalik map)
      • legendarnye (kristalik orange on the map)

      Osnovnye ability cards:

      Each hero is peculiar to his type of game. For example, a more aggressive hunter, priest aimed at control board (table), as well as a magician, but the shaman aims to capture the table. Putting one or another deck, you need to understand what tactics the game stick - to attack or defend, or you will have an average pace of the game (which is a cross between attack and defense). A variety of card allows you to experiment with lots of decks and a strategy game. Given that every six months there are new additions and that new cards (each time more than 100 pieces. with different abilities).

      Skachat Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Hartstoun) is quite simple, the game is free and requires only registration in the Blizzard system. Click on the"register"button near the logo of the game and then just follow the instructions.

      Hearthstone deck - can help you take the leading place in the ranking of players. To date, one of the most common decks are

      • Midreyndzh Shaman (Rockbiter 2, Lightning 2, swearing Sergeant 2, Squire vanguard 2 Sir Finley tunnel trough 2, maelstrom portal 2, Totem Flametongue 2, totem Golem 2, emission of lava 2, Storm 2, the spirit of the wild wolf 2 tuskarr -shaman 2 silver rider, flaming faceless 2, 2 hammer rock, something from the depths of 2).
      • Maligos Rogue (preparation 2, stab in the back 2, Sinister Strike 2, swashburglar 2, Shiv 2, daze 2, gutting 2 Talnos, fan blades 2, shadow blow agent SHRU 2 VanCleef, Barnes, tomb raider 2, azure dragon 2, goblin auctioneer 2 Taurisan, Malygos).
      • Tempomag (mirrored 2, Arcane Blast 2, Arcane 2, manazmey 2 Frostbolt 2, the Witch-sectarian 2 Talnos, a student magician 2 forgotten Torch 2, sorcerer Intelligence 2 Pyro 2, a servant of pain 2, fireball 2 , water Elemental 2, azure dragon 2 of Yogg-Saron).

      Eto few example of the many that have already actively used by players Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft!


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