Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Annually championships are held, both world-class and local. The prize fund of the official championship of Blizzard - 1 million. Dollars. Agree not a small amount!

V Hartstone play you start your way with training that will introduce you to the course of the matter and will show you the basics of the game. You will play for the mage and enter into fights with other heroes of the game, there are only nine of them:

  • Garrosh - Warrior - +2 armor

These battles will show you all the main hero cards and their abilities, and after passing them you will receive a small prize of 300 coins.

  • Valira - the murderer - the weapon 1/2
  • Jaina - magician - attacks on 1 damage of any character
  • Malfurion - Druid - the power of the hero with an attack and armor 1/1
  • Gul'Dan - Warlock - spends 2 health points and takes one card from the deck
  • Uther - Paladin - summons a novice 1/1
  • Trall Shaman - Summons one of the four standard totems
  • Rexar - Hunter - deals 2 damage to the enemy
  • Andwin - Priest - Restores 2 health points
  • In the game Hartstone Heroes Warcraft is implemented more than 300 cards with different features and abilities. There are four types of maps:

    • heart - fires when using hero power
    • prescriptive wheeze - triggered after the destruction of the card
    • provocation - first a card with this ability is attacked (character protection)
    • Divine shield - the first attack does not harm the creature

    ХС Warcraft characters are a strategic and tactical game.

  • general (white crystal on the map)
  • redkie (blue crystal on the map)
  • epic (purple crystal on the map)
  • the legendary (orange crystal on the map)
  • Main capacity of the cards:

    • calling - it works when the card is laid out on the table
    • Each hero has his own type of game. For example, the hunter is more aggressive, the priest is directed to control the board (table), as well as the magician, but the shaman is aimed at capturing the table. The variety of cards allows you to experiment with a large number of decks and strategy games. Given that every half of the year there are new additions in which and new maps (each time more than 100 pcs. With different abilities). Click on the"registration"button near the game logo and then simply follow the instructions. Hearthstone decks - will help you to take the lead in the ranking of players.
    • Maligos Rogue (preparation 2, backstroke 2, treacherous blow 2, swashburglar 2, poisoning prick 2, stupefying 2, gutting 2, Talnos, blade blade 2, shadow blow, SHRU agent 2, van Cliff, Barnes, Tomb Raider 2, Azure dragon 2, goblin-auctioneer 2, Taurisan, Malygos).

    This is a bit of a wizard for an example from many that are already being actively used by Hearthstone players: Heroes of Warcraft!


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