Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Alternative names: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Psychological game Hellblade.

Game Hellblade belongs to the authorship of the developer Ninja Theory, who also assumed the role of the publisher, not trusting this sensitive issue to anyone. And the game product itself was not the work of the whole studio, but only a small team, which gathered only 15 people.

This toy for the team, which first swung at such a voluminous work, is a kind of experiment. As always happens, the first child is his favorite favorite, cherish, try to foresee any whim. Similarly, in this case, the idea was approached with serious intentions to give out something grandiose, large-scale and stunning simultaneously. The authors admit that they have gone deep into the study of all sorts of psychological disorders, mixing them in the occult. Each person has his own little demons (although some are not so small).

Working on the image of the main character of Seuna from the warrior tribe of the Celts, the developers used various sources for the sake of reliability. So that the psychological frustration of the character looked natural, they asked for a consultation with Professor Paul Fletcher, who specializes in neurobiology. Wellcome Trust, which is engaged in charity and famous for its medical and scientific research in various fields, also benefited greatly. Also, their contribution was made by people who at one time survived the psychosis, and decided to share personal experience. It concerned moments when they heard voices in their heads. Forming the replicas of the heroine, the authors decided not to get involved in changing the real options, so that everything looked more realistic.

V the pursuit of his own monster.

As a result of long and hard work, Seuna was born, becoming as she sees the player, starting to play the game Hellblade. She is obsessed with the idea of ​​reaching the very bottom of hell to find answers to the questions that torment her. But she does not know that hell is always next to her, being a manifestation of her sick imagination. The inflamed brain generates demons unknown to the world, with whom she has to fight. In fact, it's just a hallucination, nonsense and terrible illusions caused by the subconscious.

Download Hellblade can be from August 2017, it is this date is announced, as the official launch of the project. From the video clip shown by the studio, we can say that this is a first-class product with a huge world and created ghosts.

  • Excur the location
  • Search items
  • Fight the monsters
  • Improve your skills

Interesting facts.

Before, as in Hellblade play you will surely be interested in learning some interesting details about it. For example, when creating a combat system, a woman was invited to the stuntman Chloe Bruce, who was Daisy Ridley's understudy during the filming of the Star Wars in the"Awakening Force"section.

He played the main role in Hellblade Melina Jurgens, but in fact she is not an actress, and was engaged in video editing in another project. The role of Senua, she performed temporarily, while searching for a permanent actress. However, the team realized that Melina quickly entered the role and copes well, and therefore invited her to continue to work through the image to the end.

Although the girl agreed, at first she was terribly embarrassed, and sometimes even asked her colleagues to turn away or turn off the lights when she had to perform too emotional scenes. But work on themselves and training in the gym gradually instilled confidence in her, and shyness was not so much manifested.


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