Heroes & Generals

Alternative names: Heroes & Generals

Game Heroes & Generals is a massively multiplayer online game, in which the actions developed during the Second World War. Heroes & Generals Online combines the hard battles and tactics of this strategy.

In Heroes & Generals profile presented on the main website of the game. To register you will need to complete a standard form, which includes information of interest to the developers site or game. To create your account you will need to:

1. Click on the main page on the red big button, which will be written "PLAY FOR FREE."

2. Select from the dropdown list the language in which you want to play.

3. Then enter your e-mail inbox.

4. Write your own custom name. In this context can be used as a fictitious name, and the present.

5. Enter the password, but not before think over it very well that the level of protection was high.

6. Write your password again to confirm it.

7. Enter promo code. This field is optional.

8. If you want to receive news about the game, you will need to do click on the square, which is located near this information.

9. Click on the button "Register". If you register on this website, you automatically agree to the user agreement and privacy policy of the site.

If you have failed to register, contact the technical support from the following link that is located below the form.

Game Heroes and Geniraly designed for personal computer or laptop, which capacity is not less than the following settings:

Processor: 2GHz CPU w. SSE3.

RAM: 1.5 GB.                        

VGA: ATI: HD X1800.

Nvidia: 7900.                        

OS: Windows XP or Vista or 2007.

Winchester (R / W): 1.3 GB.

Since this is an online game, it is natural to the computer must be connected to the Internet and the power of the network connection has been maximized.

Play Heroes & Generals, you can, by selecting one of the seven options soldiers

1. Infantry - they able to fight infantry / protection storm troopers [_28_ ]. Currently universal soldiers , which can be armed rifles guns [ _75_] and other weapons .

2. Marines - they are in " Paratrooper AT». Can not be feature heavy equipment ( heavy machine guns and launchers [_28_ ]). To perform skydiving. May be the pilot of the aircraft.

3. Machine gunners - can be any ATs . Shoot a gun.

4. Anti Armour - they able to work ATS arrow . To perform attack anti Grenade tanks and launcher.

5. Recon - are in Recon AT. Attacking with rifles with gate and any additional equipment. May be arrows.

6. Fighterpilot - are fighter AT. They can wear any equipment except representatives guns and grenade launchers. Skydive.

7. Tankman - they work in tanks AT. They are granted a specific type tanks. They have the opportunity to wear any equipment, except the representatives of machine guns or grenade launchers.

In Heroes & Generals play you'll be in a heartbeat.


Heroes & Generals Online will give you as much excitement, so do not be lazy, and register in the game and have fun!


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