Heroes of the Realm

Alternative names: HotR

Game Heroes of the Realm - browser-based strategy game trading. Creators of the game gives you the opportunity to get into the world of fantasy characters that need the kingdom. The creation of which is your main goal in the game.

When decide to play Heroes of the Realm please make sure that the system requirements of the game Heroes of the Realm with the parameters of your computer. Basically, machine heaped parameters is not required here, but still:

• processor speed - 2 GHz

• RAM - 1 GB

• Hard Drive - At least 2 GB

• connection to the Internet.

Making sure that everything goes well, you can begin to design the game. Heroes of the Realm registration pretty is not complicated, but requires guidance truthful data

1. Login to the official website of the game Heroes of the Realm;

2. choose section - start playing;

3. before you will have a choice of one of the servers;

4. after select the server you need to enter data if you already registered - you choose the window labeled "free to play" and create your account,

5. enter a name that will be used in the future;

6. enter the address of your current e-mail address;;

7. think of and write down a password consisting of six to fifteen characters

8. Repeat the password, and do not specify the password like nowhere else;

9. select a security question;

10. write the answer to the above question, remember it;

11. specify who told you about the game;

12. tick if you are taking the game rules;

13. tick if you have already been implemented thirteen years

14. tap - play for free.

Now you're in the game. And you have to become the Lord and build his kingdom.

In the Heroes of the Realm, you can play any of the characters, and they are here as much as three hundred fifty.

Game Heroes of the Realm online offers you these kingdoms

• Venizin;

• Kiriti;

• Adriago.

Venizin - has fertile land and good weather, so copious amounts of food and wealth. United Empire from across the continent. Actively collects military force that would unite the continent again.

Kiriti - this kingdom was established by the Third Prince empire Venizin. There are huge resources of ore. Have the ambition to create an empire again.

Adriago - was created second prince of the empire. There are good resources magical stone from the ground. Ready to avenge two of his brothers for treason.

Task to rebuild one of the empires.

Heroes of the Realm online allows you to dial your army, to improve their performance than the defense save his kingdom from attack by enemy forces. As you build your kingdom from the lock.

HotR game is a game with a primitive style graphics anime, and specific, but a suitable voice acting. Presented fairly simple battle, but it's not important. After the game allows to realize your most unexpected thoughtful strategic ideas.

See for yourself. Complete the game Heroes of the Realm and you will be satisfied.


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