Alternative names: Herokon
Herokon Online is a free, browser-based MMORPG game with a very interesting background and quite a pleasant atmosphere. It is made in the best traditions of the genre. Start the game quite unique. Begins either unique virtual world that: You ordinary person who reads the fantasy saga about the world Aventura. Your feelings about one of the characters are so deep that increasingly begin to imagine what would have been your actions, if you would have come to his place. And once you begin to create their own already own character. And now you find yourself in Aventura, this world will meet you pretty nice graphics and very pleasant and melodic sounds. Yes, yes, it sounds to them creators of the project made an impressive accent. Instead already bored and monotonous sounds they put croaking frogs and bubbling, bird trills, melodious whistling of the wind and gentle lapping of water. All these effects will only contribute to a deeper dive into the gameplay. Allowed Herokon Online play several races heroes to choose from: dwarf, elf, goblin and orc. Customization is possible in the game in terms of selecting a class and for each person they represented four races: healer, warrior, mage, the shooter is a human name; Elves are: Guardian, shooter, caster and warrior; while the dwarves are quite different: a scientist, a trader, surveyor and hunter. Accordingly, in every race has their own unique racial characteristics that affect the quality of each character. As the game progresses gamers to improve their hero perform puzzling job quests. Actions here are made in real time. Gun shoots accurately at targets, and a variety of spells and abilities are very pleased with their special effects. Their system is quite extensive, which makes a variety of tactics, and this, in turn, guarantees spectacular battle as normal, so with bossovatymi mobs. And, of course, the game Herokon Online will include classic battle wall to wall and one on one. In addition, the characters in the game have original abilities, characteristics, skills and combat effective magical talents essential equipment weapons made the game more dynamic and intriguing. In order to start playing Herokon Online, you need to perform the following steps: 1. Give us your e-mail address; 2. Specify the username; 3. Enter the password; 4. Repeat the password; 5. For acknowledgment user agreement; 6. Press the «Play now» Congratulations, Herokon Online registration carried out, and you can now move on to the battles of the game and eat all her charms. Summarizing, we can say that the game Herokon Online will be appreciated by lovers of quality fiction custom projects. But while the mood, everyone will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual world and very fascinating.

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