his Zero

Alternative names: Hero Zero

Hero Zero game - free browser based MMORPG cabinet as an online simulator with which you can create your own character from scratch. The game is funny, very suitable for working pyatiminutok breaks or when you want to escape, or to pass the time. When setting up an image of the character to suit your play style or fashion, do not miss the opportunity to try their own strength with other players and recover & laquo; gold & raquo; In this funny exciting race.

What to expect from the simulator? For the sake of fame and experience offers players complete missions, choose your avatar, train your character and improve its performance for the ultimate goal - to become a super hero Hero Zero. The creators of Hero Zero Online tried on gameplay - with a sense of humor at all of them in order! The graphics will not fall asleep or get bored.

Hero Zero game is suitable for any user - even if you have the most simple computer is enough to connect to the Internet and any browser

How is the Hero Zero register? We click on the field"Create a Hero! ". Select the gender and appearance of the character:

      9^^Name 9^^^10 E-mail * 9^^Password

    That's the whole registration in the game Hero Zero! 9^^The heads 9^^Head 9^^Hairstyle 9^^Nose 9^^^The color of 10^ 9^^Roth

Next character reserve by filling out the fields and accepting the rules of the game:

Now you can start the game.

In the first place you will find a job, please read the terms of which, you begin to implement, given the time allotted to it. Will receive a reward and experience points, you have the opportunity to pump the hero or heroine by the characteristics of the proposed

  • force - is an indicator of damage that you cause during strikes (moved in the least ),
  • resistance - is an indicator of the number of strokes that you can stand ( on the importance of the third ),
  • intelligence - is an indicator of the critical strike chance (priority for pumping )
  • intuition - helps to avoid enemy attacks (priority for pumping ).

It's time to go to the store and buy clothing that was fun to play in the Hero Zero pick up equipment to taste, begin to duel with other players. By winning, you get a reward in the form of different incentives. But that's not all, you will find a lot of jobs, fights, prizes and surprises return to the awards. And so, the current currency in the game is:

    9^^Coins 9^^Donuts

coins needed to buy all sorts of things. They can be obtained for performance of tasks, work, victory in combat, as well as the sale of other items donuts - is a good thing. Useful for the purchase of various stimulants and other useful items. Where to get donuts? The pastry shop, where else! Things to do even when you play the game Hero Zero? We go to the gym. Where you can train and hone any skill. You can accelerate the process of training for the donuts! That's right, in training get rid of everything unnecessary and harmful in exchange for improved hero. By signing up, you can join in the fight, made ​​peace forces. Here is when you see the result of their skills the way, the game can be played collectively. And really, why spend time alone if you can create a team of true friends online and steeple together! Lessons in the game a lot, do not get bored, and even the story itself is a humorous game. In general, you spend time having fun!


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