Hitman: Absolution

Alternative names: Hitman: Absolution

Game Hitman: Absolution is the fifth bank computer game in the series of the famous game Hitman, which was developed by Danish company IO Interactive. This computer game developed in the genre of action with constant stealth mode.

In-Game Hitman: Absolution pc involved the following characters:

• Agent 47 - the protagonist, the killer, the pros are available in all the games in this series, but in this game it looks like the aged.

• Benjamin Travis - neryadovye employee ICA and the main enemy of the Agent, conducted genetic experiments, hiding it from the manual. Killed by the 47th.

• Jade - pomoshnitsa B. Travis. Killed by the 47th.

• Diana Bernvud - in the past was the coordinator of the Agency. The successor to Travis.

• Victoria - a clone created by the Agency to carry out the killings. She has a pendant with the isotope, giving her strength.

• Blake Dexter - the head of the corporation "Dexter Industries." Steals Victoria. Killed by the 47th.

• Wade mercenary familiar with Dexter, who instructs him to the kidnapping of Victoria. Killed in the basement at the hands of the 47th.

• Lenny - the son of the head of "Dexter Industries."

• Leila - secretary of the head "Dexter Industries." Killed by the 47th.

• Ptah - a former informant Agency. Do not clean the hands of = for money stands on the side and 47th, and Travis and Dexter.

• Tommy Clemenza, "image maker" Agenta47i employee of the Agency.

Game developers Absolyushen Hitman "is equipped with" a lot of weapons. There are


• Derringer DA38 (USA)

• Hardballer AMT (USA)

• AutoMag 180 (U.S.),

• Colt Detective Special (USA)

• Ruger MK (USA)

• Smith & Wesson 60 (USA)

• Taurus Raging Bull (Brazil)

• Taurus PT (Brazil)

• SIG-Sauer P226 (Switzerland)

• Sphinx 3000 (Switzerland)

• Tangfolio Witness Elite (Italy).

Assault Rifles:

• Thompson M1928 (USA)

• HK UMP (Germany)

• ST Kinetics CPW (Singapore)

• Steyr MP9 (Austria).


• Franchi SPAS (Italy)

• Mossberg 590 (U.S.).

Machines and machine guns:

• AKS-74 (Russia)

• FN FAL (Belgium)

• Beretta ARX-160 (Italy)

• HK416 (Germany)

• ST Kinetics Ultimax 100 (Singapore).

Sniper Rifles

• Remington 700 (U.S.),

• Sako TRG (Finland).

If you still have not decided whether or not you download Hitman: Absolution, then type in the search bar of your browser to see Hitman: Absolution video. You can view and released in May 11th teaser trailer for the game, and many cine. Familiarizing themselves with these videos, you will learn what a computer game Hitman: Absolution mission made by developers. In the game great graphics, Hitman: Absolution at the time of its release was the first game, which was used by its own engine Glacier 2. For a game of this genre you can see fascinating sunrises, sunsets exciting scarlet or heavy rain dark sky. There are Hitman: Absolution tests that will have to pass all the gamers who decide to try their hand at this game. They do not hurt to go to the game's official website https://www. google. com / url? q = http://hitman. com / & usd = 2 & usg = ALhdy2-uo2XBruCXWx7yvbJhW5z13Pwemg, familiarize yourself with the materials housed there. Then you can start to pass the game. And as the story supports multiple development options, and then pass this game gamers can repeatedly and each time differently.

Good luck!


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