Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Alternative names: Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - computer turn based game with role-playing elements. This game is a cult fantasy strategy. Published as the third part of a series of games Heroes of Might and Magic, in 2000. Here you will feel yourself a real hero, putting this effort and using skills. Also, to help you will all sorts of gaming options to improve various characteristics. To play Heroes III were designed to complement the continuation of the story. If you are a fan of this series of games, you will see changes made to the game Heroes III.

What would you play the game HoMM3, in principle, any computer game, you need to download Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on the site. But before that, we advise you to get acquainted with the game, browse featured in the Internet videos on the review of the game, and finish reading this review.

Third Heroes gameplay similar to the first two parts of the game. You play several characters, heroes - Army commanders different mythical creatures. Game Heroes 3 is a two-dimensional game world, or rather strategic maps.

You can play a game of two components: a strategic - wandering on the main card of the game, in order to capture objects tactical - tested on a different map hostilities. That is, even if you arrive on the strategic map and then on your way enemies who enter the battle you are automatically brought on the battle on the tactical map. She has something in common areas on which you met.

In Heroes 3 you concentrate on the development of his character. You can achieve improvements in many ways: through victories in battles, when the discovery of resources or artifacts. The main thing for you is a city with buildings. Cities you have no ability to change, but you can create new structures.

Also in the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is important for resource extraction. Within each city can produce only one of the types of resources: gold, timber, ore, mercury, sulfur, crystals and gems.

In-Game Heroes of Might and Magic III You have a many types of weapons. But the main magic. There are all sorts of groups of spells, but each with their own features: spell - blessing, curse, attack and support. On the basis of the four schools of magic devoted to the elements - water, fire, air and earth.

In Heroes 3 You'll play their individual properties matching certain specialty:

• substantially;

• According skills;

• By spells;

• Bringer resources;

• Snipers;

• Magicians;

• Speed;

• Fire Magic.

Essentially - one provides the speed being.

According skills - repeating one of the secondary skills.

By spells - with increased power in the spell increases.

Bringer of resources - each day brings additional resources.

Snipers - only Gelu.

Magicians - only for the hero Dragon.

Speed ​​- only Sir Mullen.

Fire Magic - for the heroine of Hadrian.

In general, the game is Heroes 3 has suffered changes in the schedule. It has become much better.

So hurry in to download Heroes 3. Successful you play!


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